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The images that reinforce why Glasgow is Green and White

Image for The images that reinforce why Glasgow is Green and White

They like to hang onto Celtic’s coat-tails at every opportunity, back in April they took it to ridiculous levels with their O** F*** branding for the visit of the champions elect. 

Deep down they know the truth, deep deep in denial they go overboard at every opportunity to pretend otherwise. 

Back in 1888 a club started out in the east end of Glasgow, they grew quickly, experienced the highs and lows with no triumph higher than in 1967 when they were crowned as champions of Europe. 

The other mob cried into their keyboards in 2012 as their club had a CVA rejected by Her Majesty. 

Since then they have conjured up all sorts of gymnastics, reassuring themselves with two trophies in a decade, across the city Celtic have picked up 14 of the last 18 domestic trophies. 

Their insecurities grow every month, with Celtic relaxed and sure of themselves and their history the issues across the city become more and more acute. 

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