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They need the money, they are constantly posting losses year on year- BBC pundit issues blunt Ibrox warning over Champions League consequences

Image for They need the money, they are constantly posting losses year on year- BBC pundit issues blunt Ibrox warning over Champions League consequences

Richard Foster steered dangerously off message as he joined the Radio Scotland post-mortem of the Tribute’s Act defeat to Union SG on Tuesday night. 

The former St Johnstone and Ross County star actually played for the original Rangers club in the Champions League but it looks highly unlikely that Zodac The Priest will be heard around Ibrox in the season ahead. 

Delusions were sky high going into the match in Belgium despite the memories of Malmo a year ago being obvious in the team-sheet with Antonio Colak replacing Alfredo Morelos in attack. 

The Croatian journeyman barely got a look at goal as the Union defenders strolled through the match to stand a very realistic chance of facing PSV Eindhoven or Monaco for a place in the Champions League Group stage. 

If Giovanni van Bronckhorst can get his squad into the Play Off round they will pick up a £5m payment from UEFA plus the chance to fleece the gullible for more ticket money as they chase the £40m windfall that could transform the club. 

After the final whistle in Leiven Radio Scotland discussed various aspects of Champions League football with Foster admitting: 

It would be fantastic for the players to achieve that, to perform in the Champions League. It would be fantastic for their support but lets not get away from the fact that they need the money. Rangers are a club that financially it is not as if they are on sound ground all the time, they are constantly posting losses year on year. 

The money that they got from Bassey, the money from the Europa run would be good, obviously it is good to keep them, it is always good to bring money into a club but Rangers really need that Champions League money. 

I know that the players won’t have that in their mind, their goal was to qualify so that they get the opportunity to play in the Champions League. I know that but given everything that is on the line for this game I just thought that we’d have seen a structured, well-drilled performance from Rangers but they were just lacklustre. 

BBC Scotland have just won a place back in the Ibrox media tent after a seven year stand-off. 

CLICK HERE for post match podcast, Foster at 25 minutes 30 seconds.

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  • Justshatered says:

    How many times have we seen performances like that from Celtic sides in the qualifying rounds.
    Generally, the Scottish teams play at least one game against teams already well into their league campaign
    That’s why I don’t understand why The Rangers only had four pre-season games prior to the other night.
    To be deprived of Champions League money two years running would be a big blow to them especially when Celtic are picking up tge cash.
    It’s still early days in the tie though.

  • harold shand says:

    If you want any further proof that the media up here are lying b*stards .

    Try and get a hold of SSB episode last night and listen to the interview with their new Turk

    The translator said he wanted to eventually move to a bigger club , which drew gasps and sniggers from the studio panel

    Then read Keith Jacksons article about it this morning , where it’s been changed to ‘ I’ve moved to big and old club ‘

  • David McDowall says:

    Regarding losses year on year, There are deferred amounts on The Rangers 2021 June financial statement, I’m no financial guru but I read it as over £80 million to the tax man alone plus loans that need paying.
    Can anyone with financial knowledge enlighten us on the details.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Refreshing to hear an ex player of theirs giving an honest opinion for once – goodness knows what’s coming down the pipe to him for that very honest assessment – clearly he can’t be ‘one of us’ in their puerile little world !

  • RJL says:

    About time foster done his job and has given an honest account of the sittuation over on the blue half

  • A W Mcgill says:

    Been saying it for the past few years even when they were jumping around getting to the eiropa league final I mean let’s not take it away from them it was a he’ll of an achievement but I just don’t understand why the supporters expect that money to go straight back into buying players theyve been reformed for 12 to 13 years and every season postednlossesnofnatnleastn10 million x that by 13 yer talkingn130 million in the red man that’s not including the seasons where they’ve lost 15 16 17 million pound losses you know how they’re even allowed to sign players is beyond me fifa fair play and all that and if I was a rangers fan and was honest with myself and my m8s I’d be raging not a good place to be in and tou hear nothing but bile bigotry and our teams better than yours wouldn’t surprise me if it keeps getting ignored like the last time that they will go ande will be no rocky story next time anyway I’m of tae ma kipp night night sleep tight teddy bearsnasminknoq us bhoys will knowing our club is safe and in the right hands to take itnfurther

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