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Tom English rediscovers Scottish football but don’t mention those pesky Belgians

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Succulent Tom English has rediscovered his love for Scottish football, it seems that last season didn’t go as the chief Sports Writer at BBC Scotland had hoped. 

Celtic’s title success and a forced apology from the state broadcaster over his crass comments about Shane Warne have restrained his social media activity. BBC bosses in England don’t like having to sort out the mess created by one of their branch offices,

On Tuesday night English had no comment to make on Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s side losing 2-0 away to Union SG. 

Taking time off from his in-depth coverage of the Empire Games in Birmingham, English managed to catch up with a match in UEFA’s third rate competition. 

A year ago English was in his Steven Gerrard fan-boy pomp as he predicted global domination with two teams of players from Ibrox better capable of competing than Celtic, that one didn’t end well for the man known affectionately as House Paddy by his BBC Scotland colleagues.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    What’s the difference between Tom English & Keith Jackson?

    English works for a bigger organisation.
    English might have a better grasp of grammar and punctuation.

    But, they are both just glorified ‘churnalists’, just playing along and staying onside.
    Neither could ever be mistaken for a ‘proper’ journalist, [allegedly 🙂 ].

    • Dando says:

      “What’s the difference between Tom English & Keith Jackson?”

      A breast bone !!!!!!


  • Scud Missile says:

    I have said this before there is a joke to be made of this klown and his name.
    He is an Irish man named Tom English who works with BBC Scotland now somewhere in all of that three is a joke.
    We have seen more of Lord Lucan and the Invisible man recently than this klown Tom English.
    Mind you it could be worse we could hear once again from Gavin Berry at the daily sevco with sevco winning everything this season in Scotland and another good run in Europe though this time its sevco in the champions league final.
    Gavin Berry top class glue sniffer of the highest quality along side the guy with the jokers name Tom English.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    How do you confuse a Welshman ?
    Tell him that he’s lucky that his country’s name is not connected with an idiotic Irishman whose actuallay English, but works in Scotland !

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