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Two theories put forward for Rogic’s radio silence as one option grows more credible

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Two theories have been put forward for the radio silence from Tom Rogic. 

Since his appearance for Celtic against Motherwell on May 14 virtually nothing is known about his football intentions. As a free agent at the age of 29, a few months away from the World Cup Finals the lack of speculation about playing options seems bizarre. 

During just short of a decade with Celtic Rogic was barely put up for media duties, despite the high profile goals, in derby matches, cup finals and semis, little was known about the person or his professional motivations. 

In a revealing insight into Rogic’s current state of play, Australian website FTBL suggests: 

There are murmurings that Rogic’s financial expectations of future employers are unrealistic, whilst a dual narrative hints at the possibility he might take a leaf from the Mark Viduka playbook and simply decide to quietly exit stage left from the football world without farewell or fanfare. 

Some of those who have worked with Rogic down the years have, in moments of candour, pointed to a player possessed of immense natural talent but not necessarily harbouring an unconditional love for a sport he has mastered with minimal sweat or toil. 

Supportive of that assessment is Rogic’s apparent ambivalence to pushing the boundaries of his ability by pursuing any of the offers of Premier League football that were dangled, however tentatively, before him. 

After the adulation of Celtic, the trophies, medals and adulation the ‘lure’ of playing for Wolves, Southampton, Brighton or some other EPL also-ran is unlikely to appeal to Rogic as strongly as some in Australia may imagine.

Celtic fans don’t need too many reminders about Viduka. At the age of 33, following Newcastle United’s relegation from the EPL he simply left football, there was no dramatic farewell o tributes paid. 

In 2006 he captained Australia in the last 16 of the World Cup Finals, when the World Cup went to South Africa he was watching on telly with his feet and was last heard of running a coffee shop in Croatia. 

On September 1 Rogic will be one of the most attractive free agents in football, if he isn’t fixed up by the end of that month it’s unlikely that he’ll be going to the World Cup Finals, after that the doubts about his footballing motivation will only increase. 

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