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Watch how Union SG wiped the smile from Kris Boyd’s face on Sky Sports News

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Darkness descended on Kris Boyd last night as he watched a nightmare unfold in Belgium. 

The former Portland Timbers goal ace had to endure the unfolding drama from the Sky Sports studio in Glasgow knowing that thousands of Selik supporters were wanting to enjoy his trademark grin. 

Last season’s freakish run to the final of the Europa League had almost wiped out memories of last season’s Champions League exit from Malmo but last night they were brought back to life. 

Boyd would have been as useful as Antonio Colak in attack as Union SG, playing their first European tie in 58 years played their way to a 2-0 victory that will leave Ibrox in a state of panic for Tuesday’s second leg. 

If there was anyone who underestimated the Belgians in Scotland tonight they have had a wake up call. They can perform at this level. But for Rangers, you’ve got to be doing better than you’ve done tonight. They were slow, lethargic and looked as if there was no energy about them. It’s similar to the first half on Saturday. 

They got a lift against Livingston at the weekend, but tonight it was really, really poor. To be honest they are really lucky to come away with a 2-0. Rangers going back to Ibrox with a 2-0 defeat is probably the best they could have hoped for at this moment in time. Yes, the second one was a little bit dubious. 

The only people underestimating Union SG were Ibrox fans, brushing aside one of the oldest clubs in Belgium. 

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  • Seppington says:

    Ideal scenario; USG pump them again at the South-side shitehole, then get us in the groups and we pump them severely in a statement victory that tell the filth just how woeful they really are.
    No offence meant to USG btw. When they’re playing the huns it might be the only time anyone will ever hear me shout “‘Mon the Union!”.

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