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Why carry on to 9? Listen as caller to SSB hits out as Celtic humiliate Dundee United

Image for Why carry on to 9? Listen as caller to SSB hits out as Celtic humiliate Dundee United

The Super Scoreboard phone-in on Radio Clyde rarely disappoints as they dig out callers to air the most bizarre theories.

Celtic’s 9-0 win at Dundee United was more than just a festival of goals, it was a celebration of passing and movement, of relentless. Everything that Ange Postecoglou has preached since he arrived at the club.

Eight goals were scored between the 40th and 81st minutes with no sclaffs, deflections or penalties involved. There was movement, variety, imagination and devastating finishing.

That proved too much for one caller who came up with the bizarre claim that at four or five nil Celtic should have eased up rather than humiliate their young opponents.

Caller: Why carry on to 9?

Gordon Duncan: Sorry, so you mean that Celtic should have deliberately stopped scoring?

Caller: Well, I wouldn’t say stop scoring but let Dundee United play

GD: Why? Why?

Caller: It’s a game of football is it not…………..Why score the nine goals and humiliate these young lads, you know

The competition is called the Scottish PROFESSIONAL Football League, in it players are paid, they get bonuses for winning, they play to win with prize money on offer at the end of the season.

Every player in every game goes out with the same intention, anything less would be cheating the public.

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  • Charles says:

    Maybe he should ask the Sevco women team to do that then. They just won 14-0 last week.

  • Brian says:

    Cheating the public indeed. Just like the referee did by only adding one minute injury time. It’s not the refs right to feel sorry for a team getting hammered.

  • Pan says:

    Absolute nonsense. He would not have responded like that in the unlikely event that it had it been Sevco that scored nine. You can hear in his voice that he hasn’t thought about what he is saying, but has begun to realise the nonsense he is spouting. It’s a shame that he has embarrassed himself like that. These peepul always look for something to dampen anyone else’s success. It is another form of supposed superiority and entitlement.

    Note to him:
    It is best to keep quiet and let people just think you are a fool rather than to open your mouth and thereby prove it.

  • Joe says:

    What an absolute idiot!
    If Scotland’s youngest senior club give the champions a run for their money this season, goals are invaluable and can represent the equivalent of a point!
    I think what this idiot should be asking is, why at four goals up against Ross County on Saturday, were the players from the smaller Glasgow side still taking dives in the box looking for penalties?
    Or even, how can Celtic score all those goals without penalties?

  • larsson7 says:

    I will say it again,the schools have a lot to answer for!!!!!!!!

  • Scud Missile says:


  • Nigel O'Kane says:

    Easy to laugh at this guy but I did feel really sorry for Dundee United.
    This is AngeBall tho…win and win by some distance….if Celtic and theRangers are close near the end the extra goals adds pressure…

  • Garry Cowan says:

    That mob must have thought they had cut the goal difference after their win obviously they hadn’t figured on angeball, no matter what they say they must be worried about their games against us

  • Steven R says:

    Hypothetical scenario:

    It’s celtic v sevco – sevco are 5 up at half-time, without reply…

    Gio’s half-time team talk…

    “Guys – we’re 5 up at half-time. I think that’s enough. We don’t want to humiliate them, so try not to score, and allow them to play.”.

    Does anybody of a celtic persuasion believe that Gio would say that, or do you (and their fans) expect them to batter us by 9-0.

    This clown should switch off Clyde SSB, and have his phone disconnected… he clearly doesn’t have enough intelligence to discuss such matters! ???

  • Scud Missile says:

    And to think they multiply.

  • Mr JAMES TOLAND says:

    So what do we tell the youngsters in the game then as I was a Coach and sometimes we got beat 18 9 7 nil won a few games like that all players love scoring all Celtic done was keep their spirits up not their fault UTD going through a tough time..

    Sounds like someone has a grudge there nothing more than sour grapes do not hear anything about Liverpools result

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