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Will Celtic fans finally get to hear from CEO Michael Nicholson today?

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Celtic fans should finally hear from Michael Nicholson today as the club returns to the group stage of the Champions League.

Just under a year ago Nicholson was appointed as temporary CEO as Dom McKay’s brief reign came to an end, it was no surprise when he was upgraded to permanent CEO in December.

Other than his obligations around the AGM nothing has been heard from Nicholson, not even on Celtic TV with the blandest of comments.

He could have taken some of the limelight when the SPFL Premiership title was clinched but unlike others he opted to stay in the background.

BT Sport will provide live coverage of today’s draw, it is standards practise for leading club officials to react to the draw which will see Celtic involved in six high profile matches before the first week of November is completed.

Chairman Ian Bankier is likely to be at the draw in Istanbul but with his retirement announced it could be the perfect time for supporters to get a hint of Nicholson’s hopes and plans for the future.

On September 10, Bankier told the Celtic website:

It has been my pleasure to work closely with Michael for more than 8 years now. Having been at the heart of the senior executive and reporting to the Board, he has a solid grip on how to achieve our immediate and future objectives.

Michael is an absolute team player and he will lead an experienced and talented team of executives and colleagues at Celtic. 

Everyone at Celtic will of course work collectively and focus strongly on ensuring we continue to drive the club forward in every area, on and off the field.

The Board, Ange, our management team and all our staff will continue to work together with the ultimate objective, as always, of delivering success for our supporters.

Today’s draw begins at 5pm and is expected to be completed around 5.40 after a number of awards are dished out.

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  • SSMPM says:

    Looking forward to the group draw today and hoping for a good one. Goodness only knows what a good draw looks like though and what is best for the club. Is it one where we are up against the best in Europe or one where we have a realistic chance of qualifying from. Personally I’d prefer a chance of qualifying to the last 16 over a trip to PSG or Real or Liverpool. Others I suppose would like the glamour ties.

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