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Agony for loyal bears as Ajax stewards prevent their half-time getaway

Image for Agony for loyal bears as Ajax stewards prevent their half-time getaway

Watching their heroes lose three first half goals for the second time in five days proved to be too much for dozens of loyal bears.

All the hopes built up during the day of Amsterdam culture were buried during a gutless first half that made Ajax look like world beaters.

The Dutch champions lost seven players during the summer but didn’t turn to Rabbi Matondo, Tom Lawrence, Ben Davies or Sicknote Souttar as replacements.

Van Bronckhorst started with the same defence that Celtic had cut open at will on Saturday, Ajax followed that blueprint to the letter with many of the 2,000 bears looking for an early exit.

Those that stayed got to celebrate a goal from Borna Barisic, in a great twist it was ruled out for offside thanks to the laziness of Ryan Kent being picked up by VAR.

Ajax scored one more goal, on Saturday the bears will be in Aberdeen knowing that defeat will see them fall behind Jim Goodwin’s side into third place in the SPFL Premiership.

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  • Pan says:

    They scream and shout that they are ‘loyal’ but they have no idea what the term means. What kind of dark and desperate world they must live in.

  • Tony B says:

    Thought they didn’t do walking away?

  • Michael Donohoe says:

    I used to love away games, and I’ve got respect for all supporters who go that extra mile, except rANGERs fans, they are ROTTEN TO THE CORE.

  • bottle green says:

    The age of austerity is upon them – now watch their support dwindle like autumn leaves.

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