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Almost 300,000 pageviews- How Rangers Tax Case took on and trashed the Daily Record over Souness claims

Image for Almost 300,000 pageviews- How Rangers Tax Case took on and trashed the Daily Record over Souness claims

In the middle of a boringly quiet international week what more could the Daily Record wish for than a former Rangers manager describing Celtic as the unacceptable face of Scottish football?

It could have been straight off one of the rancid message-boards that provide direction for the Mainstream of what their target audience is thinking about and looking to have reinforced.

With barely a second thought, pile in the Souness quotes, add no context or background then press PUBLISH and sit back and enjoy the soaring Google Analytics.

Unfortunately the pesky Internet Bampots have a wealth of contrary information and when it comes to Souness loads of detail already in the public arena.

The Jean Alain Boomsong deal could have been highlighted, the Barry Ferguson buy-back or the Catholic hate-fest at Tannadice to celebrate winning the league in front of BBC Scotland cameras.

Instead RTC highlighted how unacceptable it is for the manager of an EPL club to take a payment from his former club for buying one of their players.

Fortunately the SFA and SPL never asked any questions about that payment, none of the other member clubs bothered with a massive dual contracts programme underway at Rangers allowing the club to employ players that they couldn’t legally afford to pay.

Those players denied other clubs trophies and prize money, denied opposition players medals and bonus payments with the scheme lasting for a decade.

Rangers Tax Case and others have a far better grasp of the unacceptable face of Scottish football than the Daily Record with daily print sales comfortably below 70,000 and fading faster than most other UK newspapers.

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  • Tony B says:

    Sourness was an arrogant clown, stupid to the point of imbecility, if he thought he could get away with slagging off Celtic, the club with possibly the largest and most media savvy group of supporters in the country, with no consequences to himself or the rancid Ibrox entity.

    Well now reap the whirlwind you utter fanny.

    Here’s the difference; you slag off the huns and they threaten you or your family with violence.

    You slag off Celtic and the supporters come after you en masse, with reason, intelligence and forensic examination of all your dirty secrets. Then they tell the world.

    BTW. How’s it working out for you so far?

    Peeness right enough.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Souness, the quintessential professional football player,

    with all his brains in his feet! 🙁

  • John S says:

    It’s all very well for him to be a subject of the crown, except when paying taxes, but why should he wish to impose that on others ?

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