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Australian schoolboy has incredible Ange Postecoglou catch up

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An Australian schoolboy has got to interview Ange Postecoglou for Celtic TV.

Ben Calleja came to prominence earlier this year when he dressed like the Celtic boss in a competition tied to World Book Day.

With Postecoglou back in Australia to promote the Sydney Super Cup young Ben was flown in from Melbourne for what he thought was the chance of an autograph.

As Ben waited in a room the Celtic boss walked in with Dad Jason picturing the moment ahead of an interview on Celtic TV.

Celtic have certainly maximised their manager’s visit to Australia, as well as the Sydney Super Cup every aspect of the club has been bigged up.

It seems that for many in the Australian media managing Celtic is viewed as a stepping stone towards the dream job of being in charge of Brighton or Leicester in the EPL.

Postecoglou has politely put that notion to rest as he prepares for four Champions League ties that will see Celtic Park twice filled up either side of trips to RB Leipzig and Real Madrid.

CLICK HERE for more detail from Jason’ Twitter account.

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