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BBC Scotland news manipulation over Ibrox price fixing cartel

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BBC Scotland are walking on egg-shells to distance their favourite football club from a price fixing cartel that ripped off loyal bears for £5 per shirt for almost a year.

The ruling from the Competition and Marketing Authority was clearly set out in a press release as involving three parties.

Following a seven year stand off BBC Scotland went out of their way to drop the club at the centre of the issue out of the headline.

The fines were split in three different amounts but without instructions from Ibrox there would be no case for JD Sports and Elite Sports to answer to.

CLICK HERE for BBC Scotland story.

Steven Thompson, Jane Lewis, Kenny Miller and Neil McCann are the faces of BBC Scotland on television, on radio Kenny Macintyre, Tom English and Alasdair Lamont ensure that everyone stays strictly on message.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    BBC Sport Scotland = The BBC Record? 🙁

    Amusing watching the ‘great, impartial’ BBC bow and scrape to a dodgy club!

    sevco co-operated, and ADMITTED conducting illegal activity to rip off its very own supporters.

    That is a massive story, and any governing body worth its salt would seriously consider imposing its own significant punishment.

    sevco has tarnished the image of Scottish football – and arguably the image of the other 41 senior clubs – by its behaviour, yet again.

    Would be very interesting to hear Maxwell’s opinion on this?!

  • Frankie says:

    Cheating for a fiver how low can they go but good news it’s simply happening to the best ask Tina.

  • Paul Boyle says:

    The BBC are shameless in their watering down of any hint of criticism of them. Apologetic and pandering in almost every sentence. I laughed when seeing this most recent deflection. Keep up the good work exposing them all.

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