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Can I just go home now? Watch Kris Boyd’s reaction as Napoli hand out another hammering

Image for Can I just go home now? Watch Kris Boyd’s reaction as Napoli hand out another hammering

Kris Boyd was trying to put a brave face on his team’s latest hammering- this time the venue was Ibrox, the opponents Napoli and the scoreline only 3-0.

It has been a tough month so far for Giovanni van Bronckhorst but also for the media’s Ibrox cheer-leaders as they try to cope with an aggregate that now reads 0-11.

Boyd puts in real Jekyll and Hyde performances on Sky Sports, in reality he gets very down and depressed watching his team getting hammered or he remembers his media hat and tries to joke it off when reality catches up with the Tribute Act.

The message from last night was that it was a plucky performance, undone by a red card, the sort of decision that Scottish referees are highly unlikely to make.

Underlying there is a major issue brewing with Transfer Guru Ross Wilson, last night none of the Magnificent Seven started the match with van Bronckhorst recalling the nearly men of Allan McGregor, Alfredo Morelos, Ryan Jack and Steve Davis to try and snatch a face saving point.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Remember the days Kamara was going to Juventus for £30 million embassy coupons,now they want him shipped out for a nickel or a dime.
    Jamie the Bawbag O’Hara on Talksport last night tried to justify the sevco sending off,Sands had already been booked and then committed another foul so how he justified the sending off,only he knows.
    The sevco fans on FF said it themselves Sands had escaped that type of punishment in the SPFL 3 times this season,so it’s time for Scottish refs to wise up and do their jobs properly then players like Sands and Lunstrum know they can’t do those tackles and not get punished.
    Sevco fans need to stop blaming European refs for their decision making and start to call out our own refs as they are letting sevco get away it.

  • Frankie says:

    Wee fat Freddie was also lucky he was not sent off for a second bookable offence the ref saved his neck there, were they playing 4 4 3 last night.

  • Breed the head says:

    The Devil’s asshole ( boyd )
    He reminds you of some ex boxer’s that are constantly confused and don’t know what they’re talking about like morelos being a better player than jota or the huns of last year getting to the final of the europa and saying that there better than the Lisbon Lions (Nae laughing at the back)
    Or the ultimate his hun mates saying he’s better than Larsson.
    Empty head of epic proportions.

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