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Chris Sutton explains the only offers that would lure Ange Postecoglou away from Celtic

Image for Chris Sutton explains the only offers that would lure Ange Postecoglou away from Celtic

Chris Sutton believes that the circumstances of Brendan Rodgers’ departure from Celtic will KEEP Ange Postecoglou at in Glasgow.

At one stage it seemed that Rodgers and Celtic were the perfect match but behind the scenes things turned sour as two huge egos clashed between the manager and CEO.

The signs were ominous from the John McGinn affair onwards, when Leicester appeared on the scene it seemed that it was virtually mission accomplished with the English side getting their man and Neil Lennon installed as caretaker.

Three years down the line Rodgers, Peter Lawwell and Lennon are all on a downward spiral while Postecoglou appears to have solved a multitude of issues at Celtic in just over a year.

That turnaround hasn’t gone unnoticed. Bournemouth and Brighton are currently looking for new managers with the Celtic boss being mentioned in dispatches.

Sutton tweeted on that issue in midweek, in the Daily Record he has given more detail on the issue that is about the only cloud around for Celtic fans:

When the day comes for Postecoglou to leave and if it is to England, it’ll be to one of the bigger clubs, a top-six club. If it’s not there, I don’t think he’ll be going anywhere. It’s understandable some Celtic fans may be concerned about the situation given their experience with Brendan Rodgers when he walked out of the door.

However, I believe the circumstances around that are quite different. Rodgers had been at Celtic for over two-and- a-half years when he moved to Leicester and, from the outside, it appeared the relationship between boss and hierarchy was not as sweet as it was in the beginning. You got the feeling he had taken the club as far as he could.

Timing is everything and Postecoglou will know the reaction to Rodgers. Plus, just over a year into the job, he still has things to achieve, domestically and in Europe. Earlier in the season, when asked about squad rotation and keeping players who were on the bench happy, Postecoglou was crystal clear with his response.

He said: “They are at Celtic Football Club. If that is not happiness for them, I don’t know what is.” Such a sentiment tells you what he thinks about the size and stature of Celtic.

And tells me that he isn’t going anywhere soon. And certainly not to Brighton.

Such was the mess that Postecoglou inherited last summer he was given control of many areas in recruitment that would be out of bounds at a top six EPL club.

At some stage there is likely to an offer that makes the Australian consider another challenge but with everything currently aligned at Celtic there seems to be plenty more for Postecoglou to achieve.

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  • Pan says:

    It is amazing how this petty wee country of ours comes out with all this nonsense because they are absolutely scared of what he will be capable of. It is operation unsettle and it is not working. All these comments should be ignored. Ange is going places with us. This is his home.

  • Jimmywhite says:

    When Ange leaves Celtic it will be to head home to Australia not England, He is the modern-day Jock Stein and is grateful for this fantastic opportunity at such a big club, and at this stage in his life.

    There is no way he is going to rip it all up to have to start all over again at a trigger happy club down the road, he appreciates this clubs love and support and sees us through fresh eyes uncontaminated by a one sided media, and jealous snipes from down south, he sees us as we are, not just that though, he knows he is capable of taking us back to those fantastic high’s of yesteryear and intends to do so.

    In simple terms he has always had a plan if a situation like this came his way, and stopping and starting and jumping ship is not a part of it, he has no ego, just a plan for the opportunity he has gratefully accepted and gladly embraced, he is not going anywhere until home time.

  • Thomas M Daley says:

    Poetic justice if it is Leicester that come knocking, after seeing the Lennon clear up. Maybe the man to clear up Rodgers

  • Seppington says:

    The English need to get over themselves. The EPL might be “the best league” (subjective opinion) but it is not the pinnacle of football. How many managers have won the EPL several times but got nowhere near winning a European trophy? The Champions League is the pinnacle of club football…why would Ange contemplate going to a club such as Brighton that has ZERO chance of being in the CL? Ange is virtually guaranteed an annual run at the CL at Celtic and I think the only EPL job he’d really consider leaving us for anytime soon is Liverpool, the club he supported as a lad…

  • the maister says:

    What Sutton knows about football management probably isn’t worth knowing! That’ll be another load of tripe then?!

  • James Archibald says:

    man utd can you imagine what he would achieve with those resources and they would love his style

  • the maister says:

    You can’t say Ange is a “Jock Stein” Jimmy Bhoy! Come off it!

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