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Daily Record under siege over their Graeme Souness claims

Image for Daily Record under siege over their Graeme Souness claims

The Daily Record got the reaction that their digital managers wanted when they carried yesterday’s Graeme Souness story.

At 7.30am the morning after there were over 800 replies to one Twitter link, great for analytics but by running the story straight from the TalkSPORT quotes it hammered another nail into the coffin of the Glasgow based publisher.

Not a single aspect of Souness’ career was used to put the story in context, to say that the former Rangers manager has a shady record is something of an understatement.

The fag end of his playing career was littered by red cards although his brutal attack on a Steaua Bucharest opponent was only red carded.

In 1988 Souness brought his mate Dave Murray to Ibrox, a move that was to become very lucrative for both men, more than a decade after leaving Ibrox, while managing Blackburn Rovers Souness collected a direct payment from the old club. Murray later sold the club for £1, a year before liquidation followed administration.

As Murray celebrated his first title win as chairman of the club Souness was encouraging an anti-Catholic singsong by his players and staff at Tannadice in front of the cameras of BBC Scotland with Chic Young reporting. Who knows what went on with the cameras off.

In May of this year Souness joined a number of former Ibrox employees pleading with fans not to do a Manchester on Seville. Fortunately with saturation police presence in place the Spanish city was spared.

After losing 1-0 to Celtic in 2002 Souness told his Blackburn players that it had been Men against Boys, in the return leg at Ewood Park the Bhoys won 2-0 as they advanced in the UEFA Cup.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    BENNY Souness.

  • Bob (original) says:

    That Souness is a funny guy!

    He – and the DR – got the reaction they wanted with a cheap, controversial comment.

    That’s where the value of their football opinions are today: in the gutter.

    Deserate stuff. 🙂

  • Richard Colwell says:

    I won’t take any lectures from Graeme EBT Souness, with all his history at Ibrox, about what is the unacceptable face of Scottish football. Our fans didn’t trash Manchester or George Square. and didn’t have to be told multiple times to behave themselves in Seville. That sounds pretty unacceptable to me.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    A very typical product of jockland,bigoted bitter orange Catholic hating rat of a man,this man is what Scotland is all about the best wee bigoted country in the world and it will only get worse if we get independence because nippy Nicky won’t keep the orange hordes in check ,she’s terrified of them and the ipox scum.

  • Breed the head says:

    Up until mid 1980’s not a catholic was to be signed until JUDAS and when he signed the deadybears loyal baloo burned there season books.
    Staunch and Staunch mcface along with bbc continually mocked and belittled our supporters and club so much so the king Billy daily record mocked a casket and a hearse outside the main doors of Celtic Park while davy reckless legless continued his ebt’s at Bank of Scotland we know where this lead to.
    In Business Circles the deady bears nobody would touch the ragers shares are worth hee haw there so close to another Administration they have no qwality signings.
    Week in week out they constantly attack a club and it’s supporters and some of there religion given that over a billion people practice Catholicism as well as different religions at Celtic continuously being attacked by the deadybears.
    Government Police media sfa spfl referee’s are stuck in 1690 and defend the deady bears backwards yokels to the hilt and uefa continually fine them close parts of the ground because of racism why hasn’t there own football association not followed this example and do the same it’s because they favour the empty heeds and racist beliefs.
    So penis mccoist durrant Simpson Walter Smith Mark Walters and the rest of the yokels tiny minded ruled by numbers 1690 that hit their wives and children please continue to behave in moronic ways continually jailed for abuse and being Cowards.
    That your kids and grandkids will be Celtic supporters.

  • the maister says:

    He is not a “Benny”, as in idiot on Crossroads. Give him credit where credit is due. He is a Devil’s Acolyte, one of Satan’s Trusted! He is a Hun just like the rest of them! They’re all cut from the same cloth. They are the anti-thesis of Good. Call him wrong and live to regret it! There is no redemption for HUNS.

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