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‘Do it yourself mourning kit’ Is that their new captain’ ‘Cringe as you watch’ Joiner B is the unlikely star


There is no stopping the publicity that Brian the Joiner is getting as he comes to terms with the death of a 96-year-old billionaire.

The events of Thursday, on the back of his side getting hammered by Ajax the night before, caused a strong reaction that was completed on Friday morning when he picked up his free copy of The Metro.

Using the cutlery drawer from his home John set to work on a fitting memorial with only one suitable venue for it to go on display.

Wearing his trademark grey joggies from Sports Direct and XL Slazenger t-shirt from the same store the loyal subject get some Duct tape wrapped around his upper arm in a touching tribute to the late queen.

The final act of devotion was to video his gesture, posting it on You Tube it was quickly picked up and shared by The Sun and Daily Record to bring some joy into the life of others.

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