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Doncaster gets bold as he challenges ‘settling old scores’ threat from Ibrox

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After changing the voting process to get a new five year deal with Sky Sports over the line Neil Doncaster has referenced the Ibrox club looking to settle old scores.

The SPFL CEO was involved in a Q and A with Keith Jackson, one of the reporters in the inner circle who is guaranteed not to ask about the Five Way Agreement of 2012 which gives the Tribute Act special status from the other 41 members of the SPFL.

That deal throws up some conflicts from time to time but with Doncaster still in power a decade later there is no chance of it being published or challenged.

Last summer Ibrox vice-chairman John Bennett discussed an ambition to settle old scores, neither the SFA or SPFL challenged him on what he was referring to.

In May 2020, during the pandemic, Douglas Park made a threatening phone call to Doncaster, again no action was taken with Doncaster’s role in the Five Way Agreement to be protected.

Keith Jackson, Stephen McGowan and Chris McLaughlin are the only reporters that have access to Doncaster, following on from a very careful Q and A with the SPFL CEO, in the Daily Record Jackson writes:

Asked if he felt the simmering bad relations between himself and the Ibrox boardroom had become ‘personal and toxic’ Doncaster responded: “I’m not sure whether it’s personal or not but I was struck by a comment about ‘settling old scores’. I don’t know what the motivation is but my focus remains on serving all 42 clubs.”

After winning the title in 2021, Rangers vice chairman John Bennett spoke of being driven by a need to settle scores following the club’s financial collapse of 2012.

There was no financial collapse in 2012, administration was followed by liquidation when Her Majesty rejected the offer of a CVA.

Charles Green formed a new club which was fast tracked into the bottom tier of the Scottish Football League as Doncaster, Stewart Regan and a very powerful SPL chairman put together a cunning plan to provide the new club with all of the nice parts of Rangers without the debts that left 276 creditors high and dry.

Every club was in on the deal, in 2016 Peter Lawwell had a Glasgow derby to market.

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