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GOAT- The greatest ballboy of all time video!

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Ballboys are no longer unheralded, even Ally McCoist and Kris Boyd had to acknowledge on Saturday the role that they played in Celtic’s success.

Under Ange Postecoglou the ballboys have an absolutely vital job. As soon as the ball goes out of play they don’t just amble along to retrieve it, instantly they throw a ball to the nearest Celtic player then go and collect the one that is out of play. Simple but highly effective.

On Saturday one ballboy just couldn’t contain his joy at the way that the match was going. What’s not to like about sitting behind a goal with the hoops leading 3-0 while you wait on the fourth one flying in?

Lapping up the atmosphere from behind the goal, Jon McLaughlin presented David Turnbull with the ball allowing the midfielder to score one of the simplest goals of his career. And also one of the most memorable/celebrated.

McLaughlin’s days look numbered. Allan McGregor’s network of former team-mates in the media are on full alert even though Wednesday night in Amsterdam could be every bit as brutal for the 10 outfield players as Ajax attempt to do a Celtic on the former Feyenoord midfielder and manager.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol don’t be surprised to see complaints gong into the SFA either from sevco or their TV and press supporting partners about the role the ball boys are playing in keeping up the tempo of our game.

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