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Herald fires out brutal job warning to van Bronckhorst

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Giovanni van Bronckhorst has been warned that his job is on the line by The Herald.

An opinion piece from Graeme McGarry carried a similar tone to that of his colleague Chris Jack who outlined the precarious nature of the Dutchman’s job.

McGarry is no big hitter but with the Herald/Times/Rangers Review all on message inside the Ibrox media bubble their choreographed message carries clout.

Without that media access there wouldn’t be much to fill the webpages for the Glasgow based publisher- they’ve clearly been given the nod from inside the club to set the scene for the dismissal of the man that took an inherited squad to the final of the Europa League just four months ago.

After discussing the security of Ange Postecoglou’s situation at Celtic, McGarry turns across the city and warns:

The same may not be said for van Bronckhorst, though for very different reasons. If Rangers fail to win against Aberdeen at Pittodrie on Saturday (should the match go ahead), then the Dutchman’s position will come under major scrutiny, even this early in the season.

In the past week, van Bronckhorst has already lost two battles on the pitch, and the war of words off it. His job might well be next.

Napoli on Tuesday night could be a long one for van Bronckhorst with the Italians laying down a Champions League marker with their 4-1 win over the Champions League runners-up. Next up is the Europa League equivalent.

Even Mark Warburton and Graeme Murty avoided back to back 4-0 defeats while in charge of the Tribute Act.

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  • Michael Donohoe says:


    • Scouse bhoy says:

      It is indeed bog roll just like the other sevco rags but they toe the party line and have been told to print a negative story instead of all being rosy in the garden. Too many cheerleaders are saying the same so it looks like wee gio is offski.

  • Seppington says:

    Papers = Huns. The end.

    Could those inside the Debt Dome, even before we pumped them, maybe have seen something that led them to believe Gio wasn’t the manager to compete with a more-than resurgent Celtic? Was that why they didn’t splurge their CL cash like a junkie on Giro day? Keeping it for a new manager to spend for a hopeful January comeback? If that’s the case then they truly are thick ’cause we’ll be well out of sight by Christmas….

  • John Copeland says:

    Will he jump ,or will he be pushed ? Either way ,the minions in the SMSM ,will portray the debacle as no biggie . It will be like pledging allegiance to a new King ,to make sure the transition is as painless and smooth as possible .

  • Bob (original) says:

    Whilst Gio is an experienced manager, he seems to have been naive and ouplayed by the Blue Room.

    Off the back of the EL Final itself, Gio should have got players signed for the positions he had identified – and preferably before the CL qualifiers.
    [The lack of funds is another story.]

    Before delivering CL group stage qualification, he should have been noisier in the SMSM about strengthening his squad – especially after losing players.

    After the PSV win, he should have been angrily demanding new signings.

    Now, the Ibrox narrative will be that he is just not good enough for sevco, and following recent results the bears will probbaly just go along with that explanation.

    If he had played a better game himself, the bears might be aiming their pitchforks at the Blue Room instead?

  • Scud Missile says:

    King’s men are out to get Gio out,Jon done now for the board.

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