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Herald reporter fuels the SPFL delusions of Ibrox fans

Image for Herald reporter fuels the SPFL delusions of Ibrox fans

Chris Jack of the Herald/Times has claimed that Celtic were handed the 2019/20 title by the SPFL!

With the country forced into lockdown in March, football was suspended with Celtic 13 points clear of their city rivals with eight matches left to play. Steven Gerrard’s side had an extra fixture to play with the break coming while they were on a run of losing four out of their last five matches.

After examining all possibilities the SPFL put out a vote to decide all four divisions based on average points per game. The vote was carried.

Covering the recent SPFL vote to accept a new contract from Sky Sports Jack decides to revive some notions popular on Ibrox message boards.

Rounding up a number of ‘crimes’ he explains to readers of the Glasgow Times:

Rangers are no fans of Doncaster. In the eyes of their fans, he is out of his depth, a puppet rather than a master that has overseen some of the most controversial periods in the history of our game and that lacks the drive and innovation to take Scottish football forward.

The fall-out from 2012 will never be forgotten or forgiven and events of the Covid title handed to Celtic continue to leave a sour taste. The relationship between club and League is broken and there is a lack of trust and faith from Rangers supporters towards those who are supposed to represent their best interests nationally.

Had the club paid Her Majesty instead of retaining money apparently deducted for Income Tax and National Insurance they would have avoided administration. If they had offered an acceptable CVA they’d have avoided liquidation.

With the Five Way Agreement of 2012 put together by Doncaster the CEO of the SPFL is one of the biggest backers of the stream of lies that come out of Ibrox to fuel the paranoia of their supporters.

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  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Once again scotlands sevco media shame put trump, north korea, kremlin, and the nasty party in their place.

  • Dinger says:

    Without Doncaster’s 5 way agreement there would be no sevco

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      Celtic were handed the title he says ?.any anger surely should be directed at the sevco board who voted for it. The events of 2012 when the old club ceased to exist were self inflicted and no true blue ranjurs men came to pay the debt. Another imposter who is a disgrace to journalism.

  • Marky says:

    They bent over backwards to push the survival myth but that failed. Not a fan of ND but any enemy of my enemy is a friend plus 41 out of 42 in favour of SKY deal leaves them isolated from everybody. Looking forward to Sevco 3.0 & the sooner the better imo.

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    What an absolute Twat,how can this person have a position with a local newspaper,when he is completely biased and writes for only one team in Scotland, seriously that is the reason that all the papers are sadly losing sales and people are using other ways to find out information about football in Scotland and also whatever team they support, unfortunately there must be some rational sensible people in press who will lose there jobs and livelihood because of clowns like Jack,there is also same clowns working in the DR

  • John Copeland says:

    The Record ,the Glasgow Times ,the Sun ,the Express and the unforgettable Daily Star Scotland’s excuse for fair minded and impartial reporting of the news ! A lot of people could be forgiven if they thought that was the 5 way agreement ! You never know ?

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