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One last chance- Mark Hateley warns van Bronckhorst of the consequences of losing at Aberdeen

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Mark Hateley has warned Giovanni van Bronckhorst that defeat at Aberdeen will result in his sacking.

The Dutchman was a hero in May when he led the Tribute Act to the Europa League Final in Seville but that only proved to be a distraction as the SPFL title was lost to Celtic with a 10 point swing over 18 matches.

Van Bronckhorst managed to navigate his side into the group stage of the Champions League but gutless performances against Celtic and Ajax have prompted some fans to demand change at the top.

The Dutchman took over from Steven Gerrard in November but unless he can turn things round quickly it looks like he will fall short of reaching a year in the manager’s job.

Picking up on Hateley’s interview with Sky Sports, The Sun reports the former Ibrox ambassador saying:

It’s down to the board. I think you have to see where you are domestically, I know it’s still early in the season. Players are still settling in but, it’s a cut-throat business and when you’re managing at the top clubs – in Scotland Celtic and Rangers – the pressures are there.

The demands of fans, boards that determine whether you stay or you go. I think at the moment it’s a crucial game at the weekend at Aberdeen.

A lot of pressure on that game – then there’s a Napoli game to come on the Tuesday night which, looking how they played against Liverpool, will be a very, very tough game to get to.

First and foremost, they’ve got to digest what happened last night, go through the game with the debrief and then move on to the weekend.

That’s what it’s like when you play for an Old Firm side. You are literally one defeat from a crisis and that’s the way it’s always been.

After years of parroting the party line Hateley lost his ambassador’s salary, after the defeat to Union SG he described Antonio Colak as a waste of space.

A win for Aberdeen on Saturday will take the Dons into second place, on Tuesday Napoli visit Ibrox fresh from their 4-1 victory over Liverpool.

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  • the maister says:

    A great incentive, right there, for Aberdeen to go and win the game on Saturday. Win the game, to go second – and inflict a blow to a team you could potentially beat to second place in the League!

  • Scud Missile says:

    As the song goes,There Maybe Troubke Ahead,but while there is sevco and deadco and no win ahead,let’s play the music instead.

  • Frankie says:

    Every man and his dog that had to do with sevco all putting the boot into wee boncky.


      Unfortunately, or maybe not, the Michty Sevco can’t afford, in financial terms at least to give Giovanni van driver the order of the boot.
      There’s no money for a new manager to spend in January. They’re stuck with him unless Leeds make a move for Clark Kent, Nae Laughing at the back there.

  • the maister says:

    “Celtic and Rangers” and “The Old Firm”. It seems Hately is addicted to Celtic although he has never lifted a finger for them. I bet he never gets through a day, without thinking about Celtic!!

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