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Sevco play the Sporting Integrity card as they explain no Napoli trip to fans

Image for Sevco play the Sporting Integrity card as they explain no Napoli trip to fans

The club from Ibrox has used the phrase sporting integrity to inform their fans that they won’t be allowed to attend the away match with Napoli on October 26.

Around 5,000 loyal bears have already booked flights and accommodation for the match but they will either have to stay at home or go on a sight-seeing trip with no chance of getting into the Diego Maradona Stadium.

Matchday 2 has been put back 24 hours on the condition that no Napoli fans are inside Ibrox despite many fans setting off today and tomorrow.

The Sporting Integrity card has now finally been played with no away fans allowed to attend when he clubs meet again in Italy next month.

Many Ibrox fans missed out on a day trip to Amsterdam when the club’s official charter firm pulled out, hundreds of fans tried to leave the stadium at half time with the Europa League finalists trailing 3-0.

This afternoon the grief-stricken Ibrox club announced:

RANGERS can today confirm the upcoming UEFA Champions League match with SSC Napoli at Ibrox has been rescheduled for Wednesday, 14 September at 8pm.

This is due to the severe limitations on policing resources and organisational challenges related to the ongoing events surrounding the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Rangers, of course, recognise this switch in date will inconvenience a number of our loyal supporters, and refunds will be available to those unable to attend the match.

Additionally, no away supporters will be present at the match, allowing the club to make additional tickets available to MyGers members as a priority.

UEFA have also confirmed that as a matter of sporting integrity, no Rangers fans will be permitted to attend the return fixture in Naples.

The club can only apologise for any inconvenience caused by the most unique and sad circumstances which are beyond our control.

It is believed that bears that have already paid for travel to Naples may be reimbursed with five MyGers points for each £100 spent on flights and hotels.

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  • Jocksie says:

    That division are a complete and utter clusterfcuk!!!
    Talk about slicing aff yer hooter tae spite yer dish!!!
    Numpties the lot of them.

  • John Copeland says:

    Sporting integrity means supporters and fans get a good safe environment and participate and enjoy the occasion ! Doesn’t it ?To me, saying sporting integrity and the Rangers in the same breath ,is like having fungal thrush on the tongue ! It tastes and smells disgustingly bad .

  • Exiled in Ard Mhaca says:

    ” Sporting integrity ” becomes an oxymoron when Sevco use it. There’s nothing sporting about them and they’ve never had any integrity.

  • Bobby Russell says:

    Can they swop the MyGers points for league table points?

  • Michael Donohoe says:

    5 points between them is good enough.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Jus remembered the saying see naples and die

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