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The halo slips from The Tartan Army as Ireland visit Hampden

Image for The halo slips from The Tartan Army as Ireland visit Hampden

The fun loving Tartan Army were in top form at Hampden last night as Ireland visited for a Nations League tie.

According to both traditional and social media the Scotland support is made up of salt of the earth characters drawn from all parts of the country, following their team near and far while generating international goodwill with their acts of charity.

Last night they seemed to have a particular issue with James McClean, a wing-back at Wigan Athletic who is usually out in front when it comes to helping others out with regular charity donations, helping families out that require foreign medical help for kids.

Could there be something else about McClean that upsets the kilt wearing fans with the white shirts and Glengarry hats.

There was a very clear sign of venom in the air at Hampden last night, a real antagonism as thousands of Jocks booed and jeered Grace and The Fields of Athenry.

Beyond their obsession with all things English it seems that the Scotland fans don’t really have much to identify with and sing about.

In midweek they’ll be back on their travels, visiting Poland and no doubt resuming their Goodwill Ambassadors role.

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  • S J Turnbull says:

    That’s why I have nothing to do with the Scotland national team, how many caps did the Lions win, enough said.

  • John Copeland says:

    I believe that your average Scotland fan is like a Partick Thistle fan ! A frustrated the Rangers supporter !

  • Phelim Grehan says:

    Scotland’s Shame we need a comment from souness to sort this out after all he’s never off Irish tv although I never understand why he’s destroyed Liverpool when he took up the reigns there and went in to cheat his way to trophies at ipox .

  • peter cassidy says:

    sad bunch of bigots .

  • Breed the head says:

    Scotland supporters racists
    It’s a bit like way back thon instead of fighting there enemy England they would sort it out by speaking to the nobleman or masons anything but noble only to there ?ing or Queen from englandshire.
    What have our loyalist sfa said about the supporters booing the English and Irish national anthems they’ll blame those fenian bassa Celtic while racism is alive and well in little Scotland.

  • Darren Nicholson says:

    Not all us Scottish fans booed. I applauded the Irish national anthem. I’m a Celtic man and have no hate the the Irish national anthem or the men and women who it belongs to. And you can be sure it was mostly Protestant people that booed.

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