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The Hibs fans video that will haunt Ian Blackford

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Politicians and football are rarely a good mix (especially Douglas Ross).

Being aligned to one team is bound to put some voters off but trying to fake being a supporter to gain street credibility can often end up being an own goal.

Rarely will a politician have the time to commit the level of support that genuine fans show.

Ian Blackford claims to be a Hibs fan, as does Andy Murray who turned up at Ibrox on Saturday while Hibs were playing Aberdeen at exactly the same time.

According to his own website:

Having first joined the SNP at the age of 16, the vast majority of Ian’s life has been dedicated to the dream of Scottish Independence and bringing with it a fairer society.  He has a love of football and more specifically Hibernian FC.  For many years he was a season ticket holder at Easter Road Stadium.  Ian also passionately follows the Scottish football team, a support which has seen him travel with the Tartan Army all over the globe.

All over the globe but it seems not to Hampden on Wednesday night for the match against Ukraine.

Had he kept up to date with Saturday’s match against Aberdeen he’d be aware of some unpatriotic behaviour by his fellow Hibbees. Much worse, more direct and mentioning the queen while the chant and banners of the Celtic support were aimed at the royal family in general.

Next time that Blackford is on the set with Burley he might want to be better briefed and more accurate on football matters. Thursday’s appearance might have earned him some staunch points from Unionists but proved costly with votes for Scottish independence.

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  • Tony B says:

    I won’t be voting SNP again while hypocritical toadies like Blackford inhabit it.

    Bottom line: if you want real independence get rid of the lot of them and their rancid institutions.

  • JPD says:

    He is an embarrassment of a man to be honest. I cringe every time this tweed clad beach ball opens his mouth.

  • Seppington says:

    I’m an independence supporter but the actions of the SNP on various issues over the last few years has led me to put my tick by Alba, even if it means independence is less likely that way. I’m not willing to vote for a party that can’t be honest about things and the SNP are full of liars these days, Sturgeon (who my wife suspects is an MI5 plant) being #1. Blackford’s chairmanship of some Westminster MPs drinking club shows just how comfortable the SNP are sitting doffing their caps to royalty in London…there’ll be no indyref2, the plebiscite thing will be ignored and dismissed as illegal or unconstitutional or some shite which the SNP will just accept and roll over for. It’s sickening but Britain is a corrupt shitehole which we will never be allowed to escape…

  • John S says:

    Reverse psychology – labelling the protest a crime. Is it not right to stand against inequality and injustice ?

  • KC67 says:

    Sorry, boot licking wee toad.

  • Rab says:

    This fat @rsole is the reason the SNP are shedding voters.
    An absolute tool of a man!

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