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The mask slips as the real Ally McCoist resurfaces

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Ally McCoist has been sharing his horror and revulsion over some banners and a chant from Celtic fans at St Mirren on Sunday.

Talksport, which also has Simon Jordan, Jim White and Graeme Souness on the pay-roll, provided the platform for the latest outburst from the cheeky chappie. A great laugh, a character, a national treasure.

As someone who enjoyed a 15 year playing career with a club whose fans sang weekly about their hatred of Catholics, McCoist knows all the detail and sentiments behind their poisoned songbook. He grew up in East Kilbride, 10 miles from Ibrox.

Vice-chairman to Dave Murray throughout most of the nineties was Donald Findlay, a QC who dealt on a weekly basis with criminal cases, often providing the defence in the most violent of murders and attacks.

In 1999 Findlay got caught out, that was his crime, being caught. McCoist and his good pal Walter Smith were quickly on camera defending their mate Donald. Apparently he was just one of the lads, we all do it, where is the harm in it?

Fortunately for McCoist he was defending Findlay’s verbal hatred of Catholics, if it had been another religious group his media career in England would never have got off the ground.

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  • Tony B says:

    Scratch a hun and you’ll find a bigot and a racist; a fascist in other words.

    Doesn’t matter how they dress it up, that’s what they are, otherwise they wouldn’t give their allegiance to a fascist organisation.

    It’s quite simple really.

  • Fin says:

    No surprise . Fat Sally is not funny, repetitive and lacking knowledge. If he was half the person he thought he was, what a great mlan he would be.

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