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The Shved Factor now haunting Celtic

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When Marian Shved left Celtic a year ago barely anyone noticed, there was no clamour for the winger to be given a fresh start under Ange Postecoglou.

A week today the Ukrainian winger poses a very real threat to Celtic’s progress in Europe this season.

While the hoops were giving it heart and soul against Real Madrid barely believable news was coming through from Germany. Not only were Shakhtar Donetsk leading, pegged back then hammering RB Leipzig but Shved was the tormentor in chief! Scoring twice. In just his second appearance for the club.

Football has a particularly warped sense of humour when it comes to former players, Harald Battbakk scored twice for Rosenborg to sink Martin O’Neill’s side in 2001 soon after his eventful Celtic career was ended. That outcome was depressingly inevitable.

Shved’s first goal was a complete howler from the Leipzig goalkeeper but they all count, just like the second which took a heavy deflection. 

Last night in Leipzig Shved’s goal double contributed towards his Man of the Match award. No Celtic player in 20 years of competing has scored twice away from home in the Champions League. During that period Celtic have had two wins on the road.

Jack Hendry and Boli Bolingoli played in the Champions League last season, now Shved has joined that list with a very direct threat.

In season 2019/20 he made brief substitute appearances- against Nomme Kalju, Ross County and Clyde totalling less than 45 minutes.

Before next Wednesday’s match in Warsaw the 25-year-old will be getting the same treatment that Luka Modric and Vinicius Junior were getting ahead of last night’s clash with Real Madrid.

Two away wins is an unusual start to a Champions League group, if Celtic are to progress in the Champions League they must take at least a point from Warsaw next week.

CLICK HERE for Shved’s Instagram story.

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  • Charlie Green says:

    The guy was too direct and too good for Lennon’s style of play. I remember he came on late in a game and completely changed the momentum. He scored but that was the last we heard of him. Lennon has a lot to answer for.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    I always wondered why shved never got a chance to prove himself at Celtic,strange days indeed ,he will be the proverbial come back an haunt us player.

  • the maister says:

    Lennon sold him. He sold him because he didn’t like him, probably. Because Lennon is a players’ player. He’s cliquish. He likes those who like him! That is how he judges you, even in a professional capacity. But he is an antique! Those days are gone, when you could get your pal in to do a job for you! Big Ange changed all that! His choice is based on your ability – as a footballer or other post and your capacity to do a job for the team, for the Club and for the supporters! That is how Ange works and Lennon never got away from that selfish mentality.

  • Darren Nicholson says:

    We don’t care about him. He’s not good enough to put in the green and whit hoops, simple! We won the league without him and are leading this season as well with out him.

  • the maister says:

    Celtic never gave the Bhoy a chance! Not only that, but they bought him, probably with the intention of selling him on for a profit. It is called “Avarice”. And those responsible were the Three Stoogies involved at the Club then, of Lennon, Lawwell and Bankier! Also, they are responsible for bringing him to the Club and using a professional footballer as a Bench-Warmer. They have that on their consciences, individually and collectively! Where are they now?!

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