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Video: Watch as the Union Bears throw missiles at Napoli players

Image for Video: Watch as the Union Bears throw missiles at Napoli players

Napoli players had to run for cover as missiles were thrown at them during their warm down at Ibrox last night.

The BT Sports cameras had been switched off but it seems that someone on the media gantry managed to capture the attack.

With a wall of stewards keeping check on the Ibrox ultras missiles were thrown onto the pitch as Napoli’s unused substitutes were in the goalmouth at the Broomloan Road Stand.

There has been no word of any arrests being made relating to the image. In April Joe Hart noticed pieces of glass in his goalmouth at Ibrox, no explanation has been given or arrests made.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    You’d think that with recent scorelines,

    the sevco support would have developed into good losers by now? 🙂

    Maybe their brains simply couldn’t compute;

    2 penalties and a red card at Ibrox… AGAINST sevco!

    • Seppington says:

      “Good losers” is not a concept understood by the hordes of hunnery. No win = violence.

      Then again, most times win = violence when it comes to those despicable cretins….

  • the maister says:

    What? I mean it was only three nil”!

  • Dando says:

    Lucky the ref (who gave 2 stonewall pens) doesn’t do a warm down !!!!


  • Scud Missile says:

    Oh dear this footage emerges after Bible John on the moan-in tonight was full of praise for the behaviour of the klan,no wonder he bolted off that phone before the panel could challenge him.
    So just where are the European body when these shenanigans are going on.
    Could you imagine the state that place will be in come the end of their champions league disaster, should they end up with no points and no goals,I can see pitch invasions with opposition players and officials being attacked.

  • the maister says:

    The infamous Gibraltar Monkey’s are better behaved than that Hun Filth Illiterates!

    • Tam says:

      This not being reported on does not surprise me. The police inquiry, the rangers inquiry, the SFA/SPFL inquiry, oh and the government non inquiry, into the game at the “Bronx” oops I mean ibrox the home of “the rangers” have the SMSM asked where we are with those inquiries…. I think not…. well it was only players being attacked,staff being attacked, Glass on the park!!!!!!!!!!!! Only in Scottish football….but show a banner that some find offensive and everyone is all over it …

  • KC67 says:

    Humped and played off the park. Lovely.

  • Jim Duffy says:

    This is disgusting why is none of this mentioned on the news,like the Celtic banner was,a banner does not physically injure anyone but missiles certainly do,how come this is swept under the carpet,this footage should be shown to UEFA.

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