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Watch how the Green Brigade spectacularly marked the return of Champions League football

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After a lengthy five year break the Champions League returned to Celtic Park with the ground buzzing like never before as kick-off approached.

Over the last 15 months the home supporters have bought fully into the plans of Ange Postecoglou with this match eagerly anticipated.

Real Madrid was the team that most Celtic fans wanted paired with in the draw, when the fixtures came out the European champions arriving in Glasgow three days after the derby provided a perfect double header.

Saturday’s 4-0 win was the perfect scene setter, the day dragged in for supporters but from 7pm the stadium was filling up with anticipation high in the air.

The Celtic fans were treated to 45 incredible minutes, the home side could have taken the lead but the storied trio of Vinicius Junior, Luca Modric and Eden Hazard showed how to finish as Real started their defence of the trophy in style.

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  • the maister says:

    I don’t think they started in style at all. They were the benefactors of a calamitous non-decision by the referee: we were robbed! And you better believe it – because it is true! We should have been given a free-kick inside their penalty box for as clear a pass-back as you will ever see. The ref. bottled it. And Madrid took full advantage. The score was 0-0 and we were by far the better team, throughout the whole first half. If we get the decision and go in front, we are favourites to win the game. No question! And with the crowd behind us! But they obviously took advantage and go up the park and score. Blame the referee. And who is the Head Referee at UEFA? Non other than Mr. “Bigot-Face” Hugh Dallas, who lost his job here for religiously aggravating and abusing his position of trust – and walked straight into the top job at UEFA. Come on, wake up and smell the coffee! IT is vested interests. What!? Real have won the Cup what, seven times in the last twenty-two years! Oh, and they happen to be the Establishment – Royalist Club in the last monarchy in Europe. Do me a favour! That is why I wantrted Barcelona or PSG. To see Messi and to see a fairer game!

  • the maister says:

    Now you ken what you get with Madrid!

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