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We weren’t ready- van Bronckhorst puts himself in bother with Celtic confession

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Giovanni van Bronckhorst gave a brutally honest assessment of his side’s failings in the 4-0 defeat from Celtic.

That would be fine for a pundit but regardless of the failings of the players the bottom line is that the responsibility falls on the manager.

Celtic put in a similar performance in February to win 3-0 but the concencus was that lessons had been learned with no prospect of a repeat.

Ange Postecoglou’s side went one better today with their opponents again caught short defensively as Celtic threatened to score from every attack.

It was hard to find any of van Bronckhorst’s players that earned pass marks from the match but there was no sign of sympathy from their boss afterwards as he distanced himself from the defeat.

Of course very disappointed with the result and with the way we conceded the goals.

I think it was a repeat of the game we played in February with quickly a taken throw-in and free-kick. We knew that was one of their strengths and both times we weren’t ready and we conceded goal.

You know when you concede early goals like that you make them stronger and you make it more difficult for yourself.

Of course disappointed with that, disappointed with the result. I think that is what I feel now.

We prepared for these moments that they were able to be dangerous and we weren’t really. That is very disappointing because you want to play and give a good game.

Of course you can always have goals against you, but not in this manner. That is not the way we need to concede goals.

We had a very disappointing performance. As I said, we gave three goals away, which makes it hard when you come to Celtic in an away game.

We have to take this one. Very disappointed we couldn’t give our fans the game we wanted.

That is very disappointing. It is a loss for us, we have to take it on the chin and move forward after this.

There is little time for van Bronckhorst to work things out on the training ground, over the next 10 days he has to face Ajax, Aberdeen and Napoli with those sides all getting a template of the weaknesses in the Ibrox side.

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  • Pan says:

    Yesterday Van B said they were ready!
    After the game today he said they weren’t ready!
    What a guy! Can anybody at Ibrox do thinking? I guess not.

    Their fans were saying we hadn’t played anyone yet. That still holds today. However, we certainly play someone on Tuesday.
    Jeez, Hearts gave us a tougher test than they did today. They only know how to cheat – nothing else. The score today flattered them. It could and should have been worse.

  • Tony B says:

    So much for the dumbass sevcvnts who were predicting victory because Celtic haven’t played a decent team yet.

    Well we still haven’t played a decent team. The zombies are shite and as I always say; never listen to a hun-they knpw fuck all about football.

  • John mcghee says:

    Who the fuck was that in blue today playing with shadows at paradise as we all know oldco rfc 1872 would have done alot better than newco sevco so see now do the zombie really believe they’re watching ranjurs now for the last 10 years celtic fans have been telling the huns that there old club ranjurs were liquidated 2012 but only for all lies in the media and on the bbc rats plus sky keep trying there best to say its still ranjurs they’re watching so hope one day they will tipple that ranjurs are dead forever RIP SCUM.

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