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What did Ange Postecoglou have to say about the Abada/Kent penalty claim?

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Last November, on the back foot, Ian Bankier claimed that Celtic had deep concerns about Scottish referees. Nick Walsh and Bobby Madden were the names put to the Celtic chairman.

Madden refereed six out of Celtic’s first 24 Premiership matches then signed off with an incredible performance in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup. He gave it his best shot before heading to the lower reaches of the EFL for personal reasons.

It seems that Walsh will be stepping up to fill the void left by Madden. The Bearsden based PE teacher has very similar characteristics.

Yesterday in the Glasgow derby he had a shocker with the scene set in the 15th minute when he pondered the prospect of Celtic being 2-0 up early in the match. He decided against.

Malik Tillman should have been booked for obstructing Greg Taylor quickly taking a free kick, Walsh decided against, a few minutes later he booked the on loan Bayern Munich starlet for a double attack on Jota.

Carl Starfelt was booked for a challenge that was softer than the ones that Walsh let John Lundstram, James Tavernier and Connor Goldson off with.

The media apologists will say that he handled the game well, that means he controlled the damage. Chairman Bankier as ever will have SFA to say about a shocking refereeing performance.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    As long as the goals fly in and we pick up 3 points let them have their cheats to try and help them out, so far it hasn’t helped them out,other than make the refs incapable of doing their job properly.

  • the maister says:

    If the game was refereed fairly you could double the scoreline. 8-0 would be about right! That filth get cheating decisions to their advantage all season long, season after season. If Scottish referees were fair, they’d be out of business. They’d be so poor that their fans would walk away (again, if you like!) They’re only still around because the ref.’s and the football establishment, the hacks are all fockin scared of them. They’re a bunch of serial losers who have no idea how to play fairly. They are the same wherever they go! They have to have their fix of pandering to them because they are who they are. A bunch of fockin losers! Human debris!


    It was a penalty all day long tilman should have walked for two yellows goldson red card for elbow on Jota ref was far from great

  • the maister says:

    He said it was a penalty. But you will never hear that from Bankier!

  • Gerry Dawson says:

    The ref was probably seen later in ‘rangers’ supporters club again after the game

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