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Ange Postecoglou and his real feelings about the media

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Perhaps a body language expert could read into Ange Postecoglou’s feelings when he conducts most of his media interview with his arms folded.

Being fired a variety of questions on a zoom call isn’t the best way to build relations and extract answers, when Postecoglou drops in the m-word (mate) it is rarely used complimentary.

Since Celtic’s defeat away to St Mirren on September 18 the Celtic boss has made a brief trip back to Australia to promote the Sydney Super Cup, meeting some of the Australian media pack in the flesh.

A variety of one-to-one interviews were grated with some of those involved knowing Postecoglou for a number of years, through the highs and lows of managing the national side onto the Japanese adventure and the current chapter in Scotland.

Effectively in town to sell tickets for a match against Everton the Celtic boss was friendly and engaging, underneath however he admits that the media side of his job can be something of a chore.

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REPORTERS: I realise that you had a couple of media interviews over there, does that give you a different perspective to hear how people back home perceive how you are doing here in Scotland

AP: Like I said, I’ve got a fair understanding, people are following the journey, they are taking great pride in the progress that the football club makes. I guess they feel an attachment to the football club because of that, but, media is media mate, round the world. I’ll leave it at that.

Switching from deeply serious mode to fits of laughter doesn’t require a body language expert to work out Postecoglou’s feelings on the media.

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