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Ange’s brutal put down to ‘pet reporter’ over Callum McGregor question

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There is one voice guaranteed to bring out a reaction of restrained disdain during Ange Postecoglou’s media conferences. Step forward with his high pitched enthusiasm Gabriel Antoniazzi.

A mid season transfer from PLZ Soccer to Radio Clyde, Antoniazzi has the uncanny knack of asking a question that the Celtic boss has to politely reply to without giving away his true feelings.

It didn’t start off well for the pairing last season when Postecoglou was asked a couple of questions that suggested he’d have absolutely no idea about playing Hearts at Tynecastle.

Not only did the Celtic boss know that they play in maroon strips in Edinburgh but they’ve had a number of recent Australian internationalists such as Ryan McGowan and Patrick Kisnorbo. When Postecoglou mentioned that he wasn’t from another planet it made headlines back in Australia with the Celtic boss not the butt of the joke.

Yesterday, after 12 solid days of international football, the man from Radio Clyde wanted to imply that Callum McGegor and Greg Taylor would be up in the clouds after Scotland drew 0-0 with Ukraine. It didn’t quite wash with the Celtic boss.

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GA: Callum and Greg featured quite a lot for Scotland, have they come back, know, with a spring in their step, an extra boost, they had some brilliant results for their international team in midweek?

AP: Callum always has a spring in his step mate, that’s why he’s the captain of the club y’know. He’s very good at knowing what his responsibility is. It is great for all the lads in the Scottish camp.

CLICK HERE for Ange explaining transfer business to Antoniazzi

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  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Tie ange down with a 30 yr contract HH

  • Bob (original) says:

    Does “mate” in Aussie speak translate as “w@nker”?

    Subtle. 🙂

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol just what is it with these Janet&John follow the bouncing ball reporters when asking questions,they sound like extras serving their time at the David Spanner school for apprentice journalists.

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