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Don’t mention the C word- John Lundstram’s bizarre interview

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John Lundstram has given a bizarre interview claiming that Celtic aren’t mentioned among his Ibrox team-mates.

And that the four point gap, now reduced to one, between the two Glasgow clubs has nothing to do with Ange Postecoglou’s side!

It seems like bizarre behaviour, as if the English midfielder is trying too hard to downplay a very obvious issue about the city clubs that have shared the last three SPFL Premiership titles.

After scoring today against Aberdeen Lundstram was put up to speak to the media with The Sun suggesting that with the gap down to just one point the pressure was on Celtic to respond with full points from Sunday’s match at Livingston:

Celtic have never been spoken about. Not once in our dressing room.

We don’t need to speak about Celtic. When we’re not playing Celtic there’s no need for us to speak about them.

We’re four points behind Celtic off our own back – nothing to do with Celtic. They beat us 4-0 away from home because we didn’t perform. It’s on us – it’s nothing to do with them.

That looks like five mentions in 72 words for the team that isn’t mentioned among Lundstram’s team-mates.

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Yes, we need change, this is the way ahead

Yes, we need change, this is the way ahead

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No, not a chance, time for Souness to retire

With the Champions League concluding in midweek both clubs will have three SPFL matches before the World Cup break.

When the season resumes on December 17 the clock will be ticking down to a match on January 2 against a club that a certain midfielder doesn’t want to mention.

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  • james ward says:

    lundstram is just a dick like the two clowns he played with at sheffield united fleck and mcburnie . remember when they didnt take part in the team huddle utter fuds.

  • Tony B says:

    “They beat us 4-0 but it’s nothing to do with them.”

    Where do they get these utter morons from?

    A squeaky voiced scouser has spoken and it’s what you might expect from the Liverpool lavvy licker.

    Calling him backward would be doing him a favour.

  • Ziggy Freud says:

    My diagnosis is that Celtic are living rent-free inside their heads…..

  • Allan Loveman says:

    We don’t mention Celtic
    Proceeds to mention them eight times !!!
    Utter fud

  • Gary says:

    My name is lumbstrum
    John lumbstrum double o fud
    Really a dick!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m a scouser so all scoucers better stop singing you’ll never walk alone or I’ll kick the shite out yee lad!!!!

  • Frankie says:

    Loonstrum celtic Celtic Celtic Celtic Celtic Celtic Celtic Celtic Celtic Celtic can you hear it TICking

  • Scud Missile says:

    Tav the Chav is forever mentioning us when ever he gets the bottle to face the media.

  • L Mathieson says:

    What a nob…

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