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State censorship- watch the Celtic penalty decision that BBC Sportscene decided not to analyse

Image for State censorship- watch the Celtic penalty decision that BBC Sportscene decided not to analyse

BBC Scotland opted out of analysing Celtic’s penalty claim against Motherwell on Sportscene last night.

It was barely a claim, it was a very obvious handball, it had ramifications for the rest of the match but the state broadcaster/censor decided that they didn’t want to take a closer look at the incompetence of John Beaton.

Having re-established their lead, going 3-1 up would have made all the difference to Ange Postecoglou’s side after a choppy first hour of the game.

Callum McGregor’s quick throw in was anticipated by Liel Abada, his cross was also anticipated by Ricki Lamie who raised his right hand to block the ball in full view of Beaton and his assistant. Neither of them signalled for a penalty.

Going into the final 10 minutes Motherwell drew confidence, a goal behind and with the bonus of a full compliment of players after Lamie had escaped with the defender already been booked for pushing Kyogo Furuhashi to the ground after losing a throw-in.

In the 89th minute a misplace pass from Reo Hatate gave substitute Louis Moult a chance of scoring 35 yards from goal. Callum McGregor bundled the striker over, Beaton’s sight was restored, the Celtic captain was sent off and five minutes of stoppage time was played.

Ange Postecoglou wasn’t asked about the penalty incident in any of his post-match interviews.

Fortunately social media captured and shared the incident, among Celtic fans it was the biggest talking point after the match, but not for viewers of the state broadcaster.

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  • Stephen says:

    Why do we put up with this.
    Can you imagine we had a Celtic board who had the balls to complain.
    BBC should have been banned years ago from Celtic Park.

  • Virgil Caine says:

    Incompetence from Beaton? I’d suggest not.

    • John Copeland says:

      Did you serve on the Danville train ,until Stonnemans cavalry came ,and tore up the tracks again ! No offence ,it’s my favourite Band tune .

  • BG says:

    They showed it but decided not to elaborate on it during the match analysis. Kenny miser would have no doubt talked about it as an ‘stone waller’ if the claim was for Motherwell.
    This is Scotland. Defeat to Paisley mob has given SMSM hope that Sevco is in the race. The gullibillies were singing ‘we’re goin’ win the league’ at hun-light stadium.

  • Frankie says:

    The bbc and Beaton go together they are totally against Celtic, Beaton an absolute cheat with decisions, the bbc well look who they have for pundits, and people are asked to pay honest money for a licence.

  • TC says:

    There is no mention of it any hacks report. Had that been Sevco it would be main headlines and the referee’s performance berated. But then again had it been them Mr Beaton would have pointed to the spot immediately and sent off the Motherwell player for a second yellow card offence.

    • Tam says:

      It was a clear penalty… But I was baffled when Lammie was booked for pushing Kyogo …. For me that was an of the ball incident and raising his hands which merits a red card….Beaton booked the player but never gave CELTIC a free kick… so what did the referee book the player for … can anyone explain what rule Beaton applied

      • the maister says:

        Yeah, Lammie fouled Kyogo after the ball had gone out of play for a throw-in. That in the Rule Book I knew meant that it had to be a Red Card, Red Card for Lammie! Mr Beaton looked puzzled and I think the decision to book Lammie, he completely made up himself! Which isn’t that surprising really, given Mr Beatons record and history of biasness against Celtic.

  • the maister says:

    And BBC Scotland could easily change the BBC Charter to report ” … Without Fairness and With Favour … !” Only takes the extraction and re-insertion of the three letters O, U and T.

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