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BBC Scotland reporter issues full fan-boy tweet to Michael Beale

Image for BBC Scotland reporter issues full fan-boy tweet to Michael Beale

Kheredene Idesanne has published an incredibly gushing tweet about the likely arrival of Michael Beale at Ibrox.

While Kenny Macintyre, Alasdair Lamont, Jane Lewis and their bus load of pundits can be relied on to pump out the party message the tennis reporter at BBC Scotland usually manages to keep a distance from cheer-leading activities. Until now!

In January 2018 Idesanne briefly came into the spotlight, using his tennis contacts to completely destroy the Morelos to China moonbeam. Sheepishly he retracted the tweet and report although strangely, almost five years later Morelos has still to complete his move to China.

Some level of impartiality is usually in play on social media from BBC reporters although the crass Tom English has fallen short of those expectations.

Yesterday in full fab-boy mode, Idesanne took to Twitter.

During Beale’s three plus years alongside Steven Gerrard only Nathan Patterson with around a dozen appearances got a look in to the first team. Van Bronckhorst inherited the oldest squad in Scotland with fresh deals handed out in the summer to Allan McGregor, Steve Davis and Scott Arfield.

If Lovelace and Lowry are the great blue hopes of stopping Celtic Beale has an even bigger job on his hands that first imagined.

Seven first team players out of contract in May will be far more of a pressing issue for Beale to tackle before he develops the latest Murray Park starlets.

Like most BBC reporters Idesanne has spent almost 30 years in the comfort zone of the state broadcaster.

Will Beale be more of a threat to Celtic than wee Gio?

YES! Top coach, outstanding with bibs and cones

YES! Top coach, outstanding with bibs and cones

NOPE- Ange has that whole club rumbled

NOPE- Ange has that whole club rumbled
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  • Scud Missile says:

    Oh dear relying on wee boys to do a man’s job,now hoping the youngsters can do the job on the cheap on the hope of winning the middle of a doughnut cups and league.

  • Scud Missile says:

    You would think the SIMPLETONS in charge of the new klub would’ve learned their lesson by now,just take the Pounbdand Guardiola on a year rolling contract as this has got COMPENSATION written all over it after 6 months or at a push 1 year.

  • Seppington says:

    “Bigger question is : can he close the gap on @CelticFC ?”

    Smaller, concise and correct answer is: no.

    Kheredine your name sounds like a brand name version of the generic Deludemol….

  • John Copeland says:

    Isn’t Kheredine the Scottish BBC ‘s ‘expert’ tennis reporter ,scoop ,chappie ? The guy with all those world class athletes names and numbers on speed dial ! When he goes to Wimbledon ,he never ,ever , gets a one on one exclusive ,with anybody .He gets papped up to the highest tower available for his ‘lunchtime ‘ dross reportings ! By the way ,have you ever heard his football commentaries on certain games ? He makes Rob McLean sound like the late ,great David Coleman’s student ……….

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