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Chris Sutton calls out Beale’s latest promise

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Chris Sutton isn’t quite as trusting as his Daily Record colleagues over a solemn promise from Micky Beale.

For a full week the LIVEBLOG! At the Record was tracking every movement as the waited to celebrate the new manager at Ibrox.

With the cheerleaders out in full force Sutton cast his mind back to last month as loyal Beale was explaining why he hadn’t engaged in talks with Wolves over their managerial vacancy.

It was heartfelt stuff as Beale explained why he couldn’t jump ship, how important loyalty was- while he planned a trip to Ibrox to undermine Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

Beale has trashed his reputation in England by his actions over the last couple of weeks, if he doesn’t turn things round quickly at Ibrox he might have run out of options after less than a year in management.

Beale has signed a three and a half year contract and brought in three of his coaches from QPR.

Will Beale be more of a threat to Celtic than wee Gio?

YES! Top coach, outstanding with bibs and cones

YES! Top coach, outstanding with bibs and cones

NOPE- Ange has that whole club rumbled

NOPE- Ange has that whole club rumbled

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  • the maister says:

    How is Beale going to do anything in Scotland against Celtic? We’ve got a world-class coach with ambitions to do well in the Champions League. He’s already proven his intentions are well-founded with inspiring displays against teams in that competition. He has been in the job little over a year and we’ve won one domestic League, with a commanding lead at the near mid-point in his second season. What is Beale and Them hoping for? What are they trying to prove? That there is a future for their dead Club, their dead mind-set.

  • Paul mcgill says:

    He said it was for family reasons wait for a couple of weeks as manager and he what shit his family have to put up with

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