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Don’t forget he did a runner- Kris Boyd issues monumental gamble warning as Ibrox manager hunt stalls

Image for Don’t forget he did a runner- Kris Boyd issues monumental gamble warning as Ibrox manager hunt stalls

Kris Boyd is far from convinced that Michael Beale is the miracle worker that many in the media are claiming him to be.

Knowing the players, the club and understanding the league that they are playing in is admirable but having some answers will be far more important for the next Ibrox boss.

The bottom line is that an utterly deluded fan-base feels that they are entitled to win the SPFL Premiership season based on the freaky circumstances that delivered the 20/21 title.

With fans back inside stadiums and the Lawwell/Lennon combo no longer at Celtic the landscape has changed dramatically from Beale’s golden season arranging the cones and bibs for his fantastic sessions at Murray Park.

Since Monday night the QPR boss has been favourite to replace Giovanni van Bronckhorst but more than four days later there has been no public sign of progress towards installing a new manager.

Discussing what he calls ‘possibly the best coach in the UK’ Boyd tells Sun readers:

He might well have the answers. We don’t know as he has never been in this position. That’s what makes this such a monumental gamble for Rangers.

Given the feedback I’ve heard from so many players, it’s fair to say Beale is one of the best coaches in Britain right now.

The fact he has worked at Liverpool, Chelsea, Aston Villa and at Sao Paulo in Brazil tells you he is highly regarded. But there’s a world of difference from being a great coach and managing Rangers.

Later he added:

Don’t forget Gerrard was slaughtered by a large section of the support when he left for Villa. Yet Beale also did a runner to the Premier League with him 12 months ago.

From the outside looking in, it appears Rangers have backed themselves into a corner over appointing GVB’s successor.

It seems odd they would put all their eggs in one basket. There seems to only ever have been one serious candidate and, for me, that’s a worry. It should be vital they find the right man — regardless of how long it takes.

Instead, you now have a situation where there is this desperate rush to have the new man in place before the players return to training on Monday.

The day your new manager starts work is the day you should begin the search for your NEXT manager. Rangers should have a list of possibilities — in the same way you do for players — and an extensive dossier on them.

On Saturday morning it seems that no progress has been made since Monday’s morning’s announcement that van Bronckhorst had been sacked.

Beale was quick enough to get from Birmingham on a Friday night to the Louden Tavern for the match against Aberdeen a month ago, answering the phone to Ross Wilson seems to be proving much harder to do.

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