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Ibrox fans vote against the emotional home coming of St Michael of Beale

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Micky Beale is far from a popular choice to take over from Giovanni van Bronckhorst as manager at Ibrox.

While at Aston Villa and QPR the 42-year-old was always quick with ‘look how much I care’ tweets whenever van Bronckhorst managed a decent result.

For a group of emotionally damaged supporters it was comforting to think that a high profile outsider had fallen head over heals with the toxic traditions of their recently formed Tribute Act.

To the outsider Beale’s recent behaviour has been cringe-worthy. Indulging himself in a trip to the match against Aberdeen the day after losing at Birmingham will have been noted by QPR fans. Since then a record of three defeats and a draw have resulted in his proper employers slipping to seventh in the Championship table.

Ruling himself out of other jobs has been an act of self promotion, a podcast with Darrel Currie on BT Sport about a title success last year was self indulgent.

With a vacancy at Ibrox even the most gullible supporters in the game have reservations about Beale while a time served proper manager like Sean Dyche has barely been mentioned. Loyal bears don’t understand things like an EPL salary and transfer budget.

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Now it remains to be seen whether Beale gets cold feet or is swept along by his own ego to a job that looks near impossible.

This time around there will be fans in the stadium, screaming abuse at their own players. More importantly Neil Lennon and Peter Lawwell have gone, Celtic have a focussed, ambitious manager that has near 100% backing from supporters.

When Beale walks into that ageing, demoralised dressing room he’ll suddenly realise that the view from the outside, flirting with supporters was much more appealing.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    Everywan & eez Dug knows the FILTHS Fabled ’55’ was CORRUPT BEYOND BELIEF! A club that now has up tae 10 on the treatment table & yet at the height of Covid had NOT 1 POSITIVE TEST!! This is the ONLY way these CHEATING HUN BASTARDS could win anything & they’ve been found out! Ian Beale will be lucky tae last tae the split when we’re 20+ points ahead & booked up fur the Summer 3 Mths in advance! Personally I cdnt give a Flying Fuk but it’s Fun tae watch the SCUM make MISTAKE after MISTAKE.. PACK OF CARDS ANYWAN???

  • harold shand says:

    But the Daily Record have been running stories for the last 2 weeks saying Beale is the fans choice

  • Tony B says:

    Beale to the bealers?

    What could possibly go wrong?

  • Frank says:

    beale has won nothing of note,but that is their problem

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