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Loyal Beale in another u-turn as he prepares for Ibrox switch

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Micky Beale is reported to be in talks with Stewart Robertson and Ross Wilson over becoming the latest manager at Ibrox.

After just 22 matches it seems that Steven Gerrard’s trusted deputy is the man to take control at Ibrox with the task being, as it always is, to stop Celtic.

The move for Beale has been rumoured since Monday when van Bronckhorst was sacked. After playing the loyalty card over not speaking to Wolves last month Beale could have ruled himself out of contention for the Ibrox job but is clearly enjoying the attention.

Rather than use a free Saturday to take a look at Championship opponents Beale took a trip to Ibrox last month, stopping off in The Louden Tavern to emphasise his staunch credentials.

With one point from their last five matches QPR seem quite happy to pick up the compensation and bring in a new manager that doesn’t treat supporters like fools.

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  • John Copeland says:

    It would be nice if a scoop reporter in Scotland could ask Beale the question : Hi Michael ,but if Scottish football is so good ,why did you
    Joe the Toff as soon as you got the opportunity ? Silly me ,that’s probably a £25,000 question …….Surely he won’t do a McInnes on them ! Or will he ………..!

  • michael mclaughlin says:

    a la Ryan Jack p will not sign for Rangers on a pre-contract and lo and behold typical

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