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My phone was blowing up! Watch transfer target discuss reaction to Celtic speculation

Image for My phone was blowing up! Watch transfer target discuss reaction to Celtic speculation

Alistair Johnston couldn’t hold back on his excitement about being linked with Celtic.

The Montreal defender was holding a World Cup media conference ahead of facing Croatia when he was asked about speculation linking him with a move to Glasgow.

It would have been easy to bat the question aside to focus on Sunday’s match but Johnston was very switched on and pleased to discuss the prospect of earning a move to Europe.

To be linked with a club like Celtic is obviously something that I think every young footballer is excited by. I think it is one of the most passionate fan-bases in the world, if not the most passionate fan-bases. It is a club that even people who don’t follow football know who it is.

So just getting linked with them my phone was blowing up, nearly broke my phone actually, probably time to upgrade from the i-phone 10, people have been telling me to do that for the last couple of years. That nearly put my phone out of commission halfway through a World Cup. Look, I’m super excited to get linked with that but right now the focus is just solely on the national team.

The personality of the 24-year-old shines through in that clip, clearly he is as assured off the pitch as he appeared during Wednesday’s match against Belgium.

Since the story first broke on Wednesday it has moved fast with Fabrizio Romano reporting yesterday that a verbal agreement had been reached between the two clubs.

No signings can be played until January but as the signing of Yuki Kobayashi demonstrated Celtic’s transfer dealings are well underway.

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