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One very telling word in Beale deal

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There was one word that stood out when the news on Michael Beale came out of Ibrox at around 5.15 tonight.

Normally club’s announce their new manager, today Beale was confirmed as manager. It had never been in doubt since he dropped in on The Louden Tavern at the end of October when the pressure was piling up on Giovanni van Bronckhorst after five Champions League defeats.

Dropping in on the gullible, ensuring that it was pictured then high-fiving with Connor Goldson in the Directors Box was about as tasteless as it gets in the world of management. Most bosses show a little respect and decorum when they are eyeing up another man’s job. Not Micky.

The afternoon after QPR lost at Birmingham e didn’t want to take a look at future opponents, following his Ibrox jolly his employers lost three more and picked up a draw before the World Cup break.

Beale was first to jump ship. He should take a look at the welcome van Bronckhorst got a year ago, renting out a west end pad might be more sensible than buying.

Twelve months ago Douglas Park announced:

I am delighted to welcome Giovanni as our manager to begin a new era and build further on what has already been achieved at the club.

The team is in a good position on the park and, as a board, we will support both Giovanni and Ross Wilson to continue to make Rangers a success.

I wish Giovanni all the very best in his role and look forward to working closely alongside him.

Today the template was back in use with:

I am delighted to welcome Michael as our new manager as we aim to strengthen our on-field performance.

Michael is a very exciting appointment for us, and his energy and ambition stood out both when he was here previously, and in the discussions we have had prior to him re-joining.

The board will support both Michael and Ross Wilson to make this appointment a success, and I wish him the very best going forward.

Despite his disastrous record in recruitment it seems that Wilson is untouchable inside Ibrox.

Will Beale be more of a threat to Celtic than wee Gio?

YES! Top coach, outstanding with bibs and cones

YES! Top coach, outstanding with bibs and cones

NOPE- Ange has that whole club rumbled

NOPE- Ange has that whole club rumbled
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  • harold shand says:

    Andy Halliday who currently plays for Hearts , a team in the same league , sitting on SSB absolutely gushing over Mick

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    Super sallary was the first name the other 17 ?.

  • Scud Missile says:

    So the TKmax Adidas four stripe manager has returned though what a sleekit bastard he is,but then again I suppose he will blend right in there.When you think how they invited him up as a guest to watch over a game while Gio Fanny was still the manager.

    This has only just started for Beale with joy and praise from the klan klub and their fans,but we have seen this B movie before and it doesn’t end well.

  • the maister says:

    He’s their Manager, but not their Permanent Manager!? Permanent meant One Year for Van Bronckhorst. So now, Manager is what? It’ll depend on how he does! I don’t think they’re worried he is little more than a jumped up Assistant Coach. The Bears are onside, they’ll keep pouring in to watch, buying their merchandise and singing their anthems! And everything in the garden is rosy again! To the end of the season, at least. But there is no way a guy like him, even if his name is Mick, is going to cause a seismic change in the outcome of the Title or maybe any of the Cups either!

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