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Shameless Mick Beale goes overboard in cringey QPR Insta message

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Shameless Michael Beale has published a pathetic farewell message to QPR promising to continue to support them from afar.

Last month the 42-year-old spoke out about loyalty and how he couldn’t be the first one to jump ship, yesterday he was sharing the joy of replacing Giovanni van Bronckhorst at Ibrox.

Had Beale kept away from the loyalty line his departure from QPR would have been a lot more harmonious but having treated the fans for mugs once he has repeated those sentiments in a Mills & Boon farewell to the latest love of his life:

Thank you QPR @officialqpr – To Amit, Ruben, Tony & Richard for your support as owners – you were excellent with me. To Les & Lee for your support on a daily basis. To the first team staff, the academy staff led by Chris & Alex and everyone that works behind the scenes at both Heston and Loftus Road for the quality of your work and your friendship over the last 6 months.

The most important thanks goes to the players, in any football club (outside the fans) they are the most important people and who everyone is working to help and support on the pitch. You are a special group of men and I loved working with you on a daily basis.

The environment at Heston is a special place and it was a privilege to see the relationships and feelings develop within the squad. You have made me a better coach/manager and I will be supporting you individually and as a team from afar. Lastly, to the fans, thank you for your support up and down the country, the energy and confidence you give the team is bigger than you think. Keep cheering the boys to success in the future.

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  • peter cassidy says:

    i would like to read celtic stories on here”had enough of the bigots melt down who really cares what the new i have lost count how many managers they have since the rangers where formed in 2012 .

    • Seppington says:

      I’m so tired of these type of comment. We are a well-run club, thus most days of the week there are no stories beyond fluff when it comes to Celtic. If ass-kissing player interviews and club propaganda are all you’re after go buy the Celtic View whilst those of us who like to be informed of any calamity or humiliation that has befallen the scum will continue to be thoroughly entertained by VideoCelts…

    • Dando says:

      He should copy & paste it….. it’ll come in handy around about the beginning of March.


  • Frankie says:

    If that is not rubbing salt into the wound has more faces than the buckled town clock

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