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Simon Jordan slaughters Micky Beale over his integrity u-turn

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Just over a month ago Micky Beale was demonstrating that not everyone in football sells their soul for a higher wage packet.

Shortly into his managerial career at QPR he was linked with the vacancy at Wolves but opted to stay loyal, feeling that learning his trade in the Championship better serves his managerial ambitions.

With QPR ditching Mark Warburton in the summer to bring in Beale it looked as if the club and manager were in harmony about the way forward.

The boss at Loftus Road, never slow to talk himself up went on record discussing loyalty and integrity which seemed to have alerted a certain club in Glasgow with no morals, a poisonous fanbase and toxic reputation.

Suddenly Beale was mingling with the fans in the Loudon Tavern and Grapes Bar, knee deep in culture, broadcasting his Rainjurzman credentials before high fiving with Connor Goldson in the directors box while Giovanni van Bronckhorst fought to save his job.

The jigsaw pieces now seem to be falling into place.

I’m perplexed why you would want to be so strident in your view about integrity and 35 days later that’s now changed.

I remarked on social media that I hope Sod’s law doesn’t kick in and he loses his next game straight out of the bag and he didn’t. He’s then gone on to lose his next four or five games.

People will say perhaps he’s facing some pressure at QPR in couple of games’ time if he doesn’t win those games.

Going to Rangers at this point is such a big risk because Celtic have got such a good hold of the league. Postecoglu is in such good nick.

These bloody managers need to earn their stripes and should not be jumping at the first opportunity. This time I think he’ll find himself out of the door.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    That smirk and rye smile says it all,well worth counting your fingers after shaking hands with him.

  • michael mclaughlin says:

    it seems to be the Rangers thing remember Ryan Jack with Aberdeen same thing no i will not leave Aberdeen to go to Rangers i owe everything to Aberdeen and voila

  • peter cassidy says:

    started of with qpr winning games but not at present likely done a deal a few weeks ago when up for a piss up at that bigot and racist dump the louden.

  • John S says:

    Ibrox manager’s office being fitted with a revolving door. Payment due.

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