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Ange hasn’t been tested domestically! Dewy eyed BBC reporter loses the plot

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Fraser Fletcher has claimed that Ange Postecoglou hasn’t yet been tested domestically!

The BBC Scotland reporter is either not the brightest or completely disrespecting the two Ibrox bosses that the Celtic manager has chased out of office.

Fletch had a long stint on The Nine, part of the vanity project by BBC Scotland to bring an hour of news with chilled out presenters delivering the news from a Pacific Quay viewpoint. On Linkedin he claims that he is still working for BBC Scotland and has done so for more than four years.

It seems that working alongside giants like Kenny Macintyre, Tom English and Alasdair Lamont has rubbed off young Fletch who makes Macintyre seem balanced and fair minded in his opinions on the game.

With a highly entertaining Twitter account attracting attention Fletch is sharing his wisdom with Rangers News, yesterday they published this fantasy:

Celtic have enjoyed a recent spell of dominance in the league and to some that seems like it is not going to end anytime soon.

Ange Postecoglou is spoken about as one of the best young managers in Europe but i think its fair to say that domestically he is yet to be properly tested.

The guy that saw off Mister Gerrard and Mister van Bronckhorst, him? Can’t ever recall anyone describing Ange as young, he is far far more experienced that Loyal Beale.

Fletch continued with:

Celtic’s rebuild to where they are now was swift and sure however it came at a time where things were less secure at Rangers.

They have benefited from Steven Gerrard’s exit followed by the appointment of Giovanni Van Bronckhorst and don’t forget Gerrard’s Rangers were 6 points clear when he left.

No, they were four points clear, increased to six by the turn of the year.

People are also quick to forget that even under the underwhelming style of Gio, Rangers did get the better of Celtic at times.

The major difference now is the players are playing for a man who they enjoy working for and that goes much further than appreciated.

Beale’s full flowing attacking style brings the best out of the creatives in the side and also gets fans on their feet and excited.

That will come as news to QPR supporters with their side picking up one point from their last five matches before the World Cup break.

In five matches against Celtic van Bronckhorst drew two and lost three, at Celtic Park he had an aggregate of 1-8 across three games. Apparently Gio got the better of Celtic, hopefully Beale enjoys similar levels of success.

On Linkedin Fletcher describes himself as:

Content Creation/TX Production/Writer

From organizing case studies to reporting live at the fan zone during Euro 2020 I have covered many positions in my almost 4 years at the BBC. Sport is my passion, especially football and from bespoke packages about Barcelona, Kemar Roofe I have a real passion for delivering high quality content on this front. I also have very strong contacts in this area and I am a sounding board for transfer news and information.

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  • Justshatered says:

    Ange hasn’t been tested.
    Is this their latest mantra that they will repeat endlessly in an attempt to keep themselves sane.

    Are they talking about the same Ange: the guy our press pack asked if he could handle the step up. The guy they said would be gone by Christmas. The guy that lost three of his first five games while rebuilding the entire first team squad.

    Never been tested.

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    Must have a house full of mirrors and sliding doors to get his head in the house, unbelievable that he thinks Ange has not been tested as in both times he has been chasing from behind and I don’t believe that this new Messiah at Ipox will change anything,but obviously he kicks with same foot as all other masonic balloons on BBC

  • Scud Missile says:

    Oh dear wee BENNY Fletcher at his best,next he will be telling us all that sevco won the league last season and the champions league results disaster was a Bobby Ewing Dallas type moment when it was all a dream as he walked out the shower.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    ANOTHER F***N CLOWN!! It’s Xmas after all & Billy Smarts Circus has rolled intae Toon wae Micky Mole as the Lion Tamer cracking the whip! Sadly fur the Knuckodraggaz it’s no Lions they have its PUSSIES!!

  • John Copeland says:

    I wouldn’t know Fletcher’ Fletch ‘ if I tripped over him on my living room floor , or care ! You’ll only encourage him if he knows we are criticising him …..

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Just another fool for fools to look up to… The fools, The Fools, The Fools…

    I live in a mixed area and encountere these people on a daily basis (in the shop, street and pubs) among also fans of many other clubs and The Sevco ones to a tee are guaranteed to say when challenged by myself about all their moonbeams feel good pish “Ah but it says it in The Record” “Oh see in The Sun Messi ‘could’ be coming to Ibrox”

    They are a newspaper editor’s simpletons dream and all that’s keeping these publications alive but thankfully not for much longer !

    Simpletons feeding Simpletons but still grabbing a few hundred quid a year off them that they probably can ill afford… Actually sometimes I feel pity for them – until I see how idiotic they are to have a mental block like reinforced concrete that they can’t or won’t see through – day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year and decade after decade they still continue to toss their cash after scum just to read what they wanna hear…

    Sorry to seem cruel – But hell bloody mend them !

  • Seppington says:

    How could Ange not have been tested by a team that “reeched a yoorapeeun fainull”?


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