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BBC Scotland refuse to go near BDO report and the £56m HMRC bill

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The report from BDO surfaced on Wednesday afternoon, it covered a subject that BBC Scotland reporter Mark Daly produced two television programmes on. In 2022 the state broadcaster won’t go near it.

By lunchtime on Thursday The Sun and Daily Record picked up on it, it seems that HMRC are in the wrong for only calculating and agreeing to £56m in unpaid Income Tax and National Insurance over a decade of cheating sport and the public purse.

The Scotsman joined the party but despite their vast resources BBC Scotland had still refused to touch the HMRC bill on Friday morning. With Steven Thompson and Neil McCann regulars on the Sportscene sofa they have access to the heart of the story, for their own reasons the state broadcaster won’t touch it.

Kenny Macintyre and Tom English host Sportsound tomorrow afternoon, there is one topic that the Dynamic Duo will be avoiding like a diet when they go on air.

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  • Joe mcaleer says:

    It’s not a criminal offence to be without a “licence”.A lot of over paid numbskulls in the BBC.

  • the maister says:

    Be strange to have someone working on BBC Sportsound … Who’s team was Celtic!

  • Gordon Smith's Syrup says:

    If the Rangers send a ball boy to get 4 copies of their favourite rag ,the daily Record , to the local shop ,BBC Scotland have it as a major news item ! If Ian Durrant picks his nose and flicks it ,Sportsound on a Saturday will have a team of ex the Rangers people discussing it at length . At least we now know what the bulk of our licence fee cash is spent on in Scotland by old auntie …

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