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Daily Record reporters reveal the big questions that need asked at RIFC AGM

Image for Daily Record reporters reveal the big questions that need asked at RIFC AGM

Tomorrow The Rangers International Football Club hold their AGM with another new manager to present to the gullible.

Online there has been a lot of hostility towards the board as their club falls further behind Celtic but the reality is that tomorrow’s meeting will be conducted with respectful dignity.

Threats of fireworks will result in only a few sparklers from the floor with shareholders reminded of where the Tribute Act stood in 2015 before The Three Bears came to town.

Just like Celtic the board are only accountable for an hour a year, serve out platitudes below the contempt then pat themselves on the back for another 364 days of the year.

Micky Beale is a very useful deflection tactic. The London geezer goes heavy on traditions, player will wear suits to matches, are going for 56! and he won’t ever say the C word because he is such a true blue. So loyal that he will visit the Loudon Tavern on matchdays to undermine whoever is the current manager.

Nothing of any real worth will be discussed but if given the chance the Daily Record asked their star reporters what the burning questions should be.

It’s the Rangers AGM on Tuesday. What question would you ask the board?

KEITH (Jackson): Will Michael Beale be backed in the January transfer window? If the new boss isn’t properly funded then he doesn’t stand a chance.

DAVID (McCarthy): Are you willing to step aside if a potential investor is ready to come in with an offer that would enable them to take control of the club and move it forward?

ANDREW (Newport): Why did they not allow Gio van Bronckhorst to add to his squad after securing their Champions League windfall and what level of funding will Michael Beale get to begin his rebuild in January?

SCOTT (Burns): What is the situation with Ryan Kent and Alfredo Morelos and surely they can’t be able to leave for nothing come the end of the season.

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  • John Copeland says:

    I hope someone stands up at the ‘the Rangers ‘ AGM and demands to know how much exactly Alfoodo’s feeding binges are costing the clumpany ! Is that where the money goes ?Is it any wonder they are potless…Big Alf’s got the pot……That’s the first question to be asked …

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