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Daily Record reveals the next £20m Ibrox star

Image for Daily Record reveals the next £20m Ibrox star

After two goals in a friendly at a half empty Ibrox the alerts have gone out to big up Malik Tillman.

The winger is on loan at Ibrox from Bayern Munich but David McCarthy believes that Micky Beale could turn him into a £20m star.

A fee of around £5m will be needed to sign Tillman from Bayern Munich but after Ajax’s experience of Calvin Bassey it looks like a long time before any fees of Dembele Dollars will be landing in Ross Wilson’s transfer war-chest.

Getting the thoughts of their top reports the Daily Record asks:

Rangers boss Mick Beale wants to sign Malik Tillman on a permanent deal, would £5m for the Bayern Munich attacker be good business?

DAVID: He’s got the potential to be a very good player and has shown it in flashes. If Beale can get a tune out of him and turn him into a £20m player then it would be good business. But it’s a gamble.

CRAIG: In today’s market, yes. He’s young, talented and will surely only increase in value if he progresses.

MICHAEL: Beale is just being cute in talking up the US man. He needs to light a rocket under the lad and get the best out of him, so dangling this carrot when he’s not really done enough to justify a permanent move yet is a smart move.

Other than a £6m bid from Nantes for Glen Kamara it looks unlikely that there will be any worthwhile bids arriving at Ibrox next month.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol as Bayern are going say here sevco take this player of our hands for £5 million and then sell him the following season for 4 times that amount.
    This is the kind a stuff people talk when they have been sniffing the glue.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Expect Leon King to head a goal scoring chance of the line and become a £50 million player.

  • harold shand says:

    After one decent game against a Leverkusen B team in a friendly

    Do one of these verdict things next week on JJ and David McCarthy the pretend Falkirk fan will be saying Celtic should be looking for £10M

    This guy is that much a hun he’s even done a big article on how Scottish people should cheer on the England team

  • Gordon Smith's Syrup says:

    MC Carthy is the chief features writer at the daily Record . He of all people should know people will suss out pretty quickly ,that if you print bullshit in a haem,sorry tabloid rag , your reputation shall diminish further ! That is the low quality of alleged journalism in Scotland ….But hey ,when there are people around like Malc ,the SMSM is in great hands ….

  • Stevie says:

    What bit of they have no money do they not get?

  • peter cassidy says:

    well they will have plenty of transfer funds come next month when they sell fatso and stepover king kent we have been told for last few years both duds worth millions.

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