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I really question his integrity- Jamie Mackie demolishes Micky Beale on Sky Sports News

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Jamie Mackie has delivered a brilliant character assassination on Michael Beale.

The winger managed to pick up some Scotland caps while playing for QPR where his career peeked.

Since retiring two years ago he has been a regular pundit on Sky Sports, when he was asked about his thoughts on QPR losing their manager he didn’t hold back as The Sun reported:

Michael Beale came into QPR having been a complete unknown, a complete newby to management.

He was given a fantastic opportunity by QPR and he drove this culture – as he said in an interview he did himself – about integrity and longevity.

He was speaking to some players on a personal level, and their families, about the buy-in to the project he was doing, and not jumping ship straight away.

There was a feeling around the football club that there was a long-term plan. That was set out by the board in a really good way, and he was the one who was driving that.

Now he’s straight away jumping ship, exactly what he said he wasn’t going to do, he’s done. That’s where the problem comes.

Everyone would understand – as a player or manager – when you get the opportunity to go into the Premier League.

Everyone would respect and understand the fact he might do that but he was the one who came out and spoke about integrity. So I really question his integrity, obviously.

And I really wonder what other chairman in the future, at other football clubs, will think about that.

Rangers have got him because they had a relationship with him before and they understand him but I look at it and go ‘do I want that character moving forward?’ I’m not so sure.

For the players at QPR now it leaves them where they want to get the club promoted again. But he’s jumped ship so they’re maybe thinking ‘is this where we are again? Is it short term again?

This is not on the football club because they couldn’t help this but he should have come out and said nothing.

There is no issue with him wanting him to be a progressive manager – it’s a selfish game.

And his Premier League may be Rangers – that may be his ultimate dream and that’s fine but I also noticed he was in the stands when the old Rangers manager Giovanni Van Bronckhorst hadn’t been sacked yet, but was under major pressure. I don’t like that, I really don’t like that.

And I certainly wouldn’t like that if I was a manager. He said he was going up there ‘as a fan,’ well, two weeks later he was up there getting the job. That doesn’t sit well with me.

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