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Postecoglou won’t do a Rodgers on Celtic- Schwarzer speculates on the tough decision

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When the day finally comes Mark Schwarzer doesn’t expect Ange Postecoglou to ‘do a Rodgers’ on Celtic.

In February 2019 the club was quite happy to pick up a cheque from Leicester City with a cut price replacement already lined up, someone who knew the city.

Neil Lennon’s confirmation had to wait until May in the shower room at Hampden but two years later in led to the appointment of Postecoglou and an incredible pick up in success matched by incredible backing from the fans.

It is almost impossible to see things turn sour in the relationship between Postecoglou and the Celtic support but for two seasons it looked as if Rodgers was in a job for life.

On the day that Peter Lawwell was appointed as Celtic chairman, Stephen McGowan of the Daily Mail caught up with Schwarzer at the World Cup in Japan where one of the issues covered was the circumstances in which the current manager would depart Celtic.

What Ange has done everywhere he has gone, every job he has been at, is leave the club in a better place. So he is one of those people who lays the foundations, accomplishes a lot with a club. And if an opportunity comes up — and it all works for everyone — then who knows?

I actually think he is very happy where he is. When I spoke to him he had an unbelievable respect for Celtic and the opportunity they have given him to manage at the level they are at. So I don’t think he is actively looking to move on at all. I think he is more than happy.

Reflecting on Rodgers’ stormy exit he added:

I think the anger with Rodgers was more about the timing and the way it was done. That’s everything and it’s key. In saying that, do you always get to pick the right time? Sometimes it’s now or never. And if, down the line, there are opportunities?

Well, then, you have to make tough decisions but everywhere Ange has left he has done it on good terms. He has always done it the right way. I can’t see it being any different when he goes from Celtic.

Postecoglou remains on the same 12 month rolling contract that he signed up for in June 2021.

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