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Ross Wilson calls out glib and shameless Dave King

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Ross Wilson has called out Dave King over his claim two years ago that the Ibrox playing squad was worth £200m.

The Ibrox Sporting Director sat in silence at that point, happy to go along with the moonbeam stories that had Alfredo Morelos valued at £30m with clubs lining up bids of £20m for Ryan Kent, Glen Kamara, Borna Barisic and James Tavernier with a £500,000 bid also being suggested for Ryan Jack.

Two years down the line seven first team players are weeks away from being able to sign pre-contract agreements with very little value in the squad that Micky Beale has inherited.

The former QPR boss has been given the same promises as Giovanni van Bronckhorst a year ago but will have to be creative and realistic when the January transfer window opens

Covering an exchange at Monday’s AGM, The Sun reports:

The fan asked: “It took a record player sale to take us into a profit. This shows how important the trading model is. Last year figures were given around squad value. Can we have an updated one this year?”

Wilson said: “That was a number last given by previous chairman Mr King without any science behind it. I wouldn’t do that as it’s a figure out the air and that’s not how to address shareholders.”

Back in December 2020, King said: “I get a value from [sporting director] Ross Wilson, I think I stated it at the last AGM, and I think it’s certainly gone up since then.

“If you were to give me a figure, I’d say it could even be as high as £200m, if you take the total squad.”

The Nathan Patterson windfall in January paid off the costs of a dispute with Sports Direct, the £4.9m transfer surplus from the summer was eaten up by paying off van Bronckhorst and compensating QPR.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Oh dear a wee bit of cat fightig amongst the BIGOTED klub.
    With CHISLER itching to get back on that board possibly through the American link Jocky Wilson will be the first out door.
    You really have to laugh at Jocky he ate the CHISLERS shite for years now he wants to distance himself from the CONMAN King.

  • Voice of Reason says:

    £200M..Fur that kind of money u could buy Mayfair, Old Kent Road, Park Lane etc.. Ooppss thot I wiz playing Monopoly!!

    • Thomas M Daley says:

      Do they still sell that magazine for the discerning gentlemen called “Mayfair”.
      Only bought it for its steam train and classic car articles.

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