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The massive story that Celtic don’t want to put the spotlight on

Image for The massive story that Celtic don’t want to put the spotlight on

For whatever reasons Celtic didn’t seem keen to promote the biggest story to come out of the club yesterday.

When you get comments from Dermot Desmond, Michael Nicholson, Ian Bankier and Ange Postecoglou you’d normally want to give the story the biggest possible reach.

It seems that the club was very wary of promoting the exciting news that Peter Lawwell would take over from Ian Bankier as chairman on January 1.

Nothing appeared on Celtic’s Twitter account or on any other social media platform. Four videos were added on You Tube but not one with the new chairman discussing his delight at the huge honour of taking on such an important role at the club he has supported all his life.

There was plenty of activity on Celtic Twitter with much of it involving the arrival of Yuki Kobayashi ahead of the January transfer window opening.

A fixture switch was announced, there was coverage of the four Celts at the World Cup Finals and mentions for the club’s Foundation.

Callum McGregor switched on the Christmas lights at Lennoxtown, the actual town not the Celtic training centre but absolutely nowhere was there any sight or sound of the delighted new chairman.

Below is Lawwell’s last interview as CEO, justifying a disastrous trip to Dubai with a very heavily qualified apology.

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  • Scud Missile says:


  • Jim Kearney says:

    Well scud I sincerely hope you stay away and let a real supporter in. What this man has done for Celtic and will do in the coming years will go down in the annuls of history, he is Celtic through and through and we are very fortunate to have a man of his business acumen on board.

    Editor: Please stick to CQN and their O** F*** happy clappers. He couldn’t be bothered reading the Five Way Agreement from his mates Doncaster and Regan- if you believe what he told the 2019 AGM. Many don’t believe that portion of porkies.

    • Bob (original) says:

      With all due respect,

      there is a counter argument that Lawwell underperformed as CEO,
      both in the financials, and in tangible European progress.

      No, we are not fortunate to have him, but we paid him a fortune – in the many millions – to develop his own personal fiefdom over a ridiculous 18 year tenure.

      Apart from governance concerns, what fresh approach will this – allegedly – “non exec” Chairman bring to the club?

    • CroftCelt says:

      Re the Editor comment: So much for allowing an alternative view from one’s own. A little more maturity would be beneficial.

      Editor: Thanks for your comment, this site is for Celtic fans, not fawning fan boys or O** F*** supporters. CQN is the place for your lot to celebrate the serial failure that is St Peter. Zero trebles in a one horse race till Rodgers arrived, Pete didn’t like that so signed Mulumbu, Bayo, Shved instead of McGinn, we know how this movie ends.

    • KC67 says:

      Lawwell, the man who put the P in parochial.
      He should be nowhere near the club. Lawwell out!!

  • Bob (original) says:

    If Carlsberg did PR own goals… 🙁

  • Seppington says:

    Again with the Lawwell bots out championing the twat whose stubborn refusal to sack his chum cost us the ten. Though I’m surprised to see some editorial injections to the comments he’s right – away and bile yer heids.

  • the maister says:

    Jim Kearney, he’s a time-served accountant! Do you want us to bow to him? Awayanboilyerheid!

  • the maister says:

    Lawwell is a journeyman, except he has no place else to go! And so he is back! Desmond will use him as a wrecking ball, just like when he appointed Lennon, wrecked the Ten and kept Sevco in the game.
    Lawwell is a Dooley with delusions of grandeur and Ange can’t go on forever. Lawwell will serve his time until Ange is done and then he will slip out of the shade.
    Ange will depart and Lawwell will appoint his successor.
    Then Desmond will take his cash dividend, the profit which has been built on the back of Ange’s success in the transfer market and on the field. For Desmond, it is all about time and money.
    It is the same game as at Ibrokes. They’ve just ditched VB and co. and done the same thing.
    Plus, Lawwell is “Firm”!
    Think about it!

  • the maister says:

    Mr. Lawwell,

    You work for the PLC. That is the Public Limited Company. You are therefore a servant of the public. You are in a position of responsibility and not a position of entitlement, as you seem to think you are.
    You may not have done anything illegal yet, but you surely act in a dishonest way!
    You do not have the right to bully or intimidate those for whom you work, the shareholders and other interested parties, but you surely do!
    You do not have entitlement to a position at the Club. But that is Mr. Desmond’s choice.
    You should learn to live up to the responsibilities of the position you hold. You should treat all people you deal with fairly or else you would not be fit for the position that you hold.


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